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Time to redefine data management in cloud

How can we smooth our customers' cloud journey and become their preferred partner in the Nordics?

Emmanuel Raymond / November 17, 2021

Our strategic partnerships with Microsoft and the Enterprise Data Management Council smooths our customers’ journey to the cloud and support our ambition to become their preferred partner in the cloud.

Winning the 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year award in Finland and delivering the first global training for the new Cloud data management capabilities (CDMC, from EDM Council) together with Microsoft and a few others were key milestones for us – but what does it mean to our customers?

During the last 12 months, we ran hundreds of meetings with Microsoft and worked with the best cloud data management specialists around the world. This blog offers my perspective on why we did that work and on what this work means for our customer’s journey to the cloud.

For many of our customers, the cloud transformation is already well underway, and as part of the biggest Microsoft Azure community serving the Nordics, TietoEVRY is the natural partner to support that move. As we bring the best technology to our customers, they will not miss the opportunity to improve data management or to drive automation to improve data quality and secure data consistency across their new hybrid landscapes.

Expectations for insights and data quality

As more and more companies start to run their business in the cloud, many are realizing that the move represents a unique opportunity to take a closer look at what is there and do some housekeeping. This is a good time to remove obsolete applications and outdated architectures, adopt modern automation technologies, and “reboot” their data management practices to secure their investments, for example.

Bringing the latest cloud technologies to our customers has also helped us to understand those cost savings can only be gained when these other elements are in place. New definitions of what good data looks like in the cloud have emerged and our customers’ perspectives have evolved.

The move to the cloud is a unique opportunity to move away from a fragmented data environment towards a more controlled one. The cloud ambition and promise are not just to help with the data that is moved to the cloud but also to address the issues that remain in the legacy systems.

Data inventories in the cloud will map data in other clouds and in on-premises systems. And the data lifecycles and data quality topics that benefit from these modern technologies have the ambition to cover the full scope.

Cloud transformation is a catalyst for collaboration

The time has come to realize that the cloud is not just resources that grow or shrink but actually a means to foster collaboration within companies.

Individual business functions within an organization are increasingly interested in the meaning of the data. At a time when knowledge is more fragmented than ever, the cloud can also represent an opportunity to unify different knowledge areas under a common representation of reality and foster new levels of innovation.

As companies move to the cloud, we now have a new framework defining what “good” looks like. Cloud transformation accelerates new data approaches and new automation technologies that will motivate everyone to manage data in a meaningful way.

Moving to the cloud is all about our customers and how we can better support you in your change journey. Curious to learn more? Let's connect via LinkedIn.


Emmanuel Raymond
Head of Strategic Data Engagements

He has been working extensively with business and has deep understanding on how data is created and what it represents. Emmanuel can support customers refining and prioritizing their business needs and driving agile business transformation. He also has experience in key data related topics including data privacy, data protection, ERP transformations, data warehousing, analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


Emmanuel Raymond

Head of Strategic Data Engagements

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