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Building an inclusive culture needs everyone on board

Pride carries a weighty message – you are valuable just the way you are.

Trond Vinje / June 14, 2021

One of the world’s largest human rights and cultural phenomena, the Pride month, is here. This global movement focuses on raising awareness on equal opportunities, improving the attitudes of society towards differences and encouraging inclusiveness.

However, this message isn’t loud and clear everywhere. Regardless of the United Nations declaration of human rights, LGBTQAI+ people and minorities, people with rainbow identities, people from various social and ethnical backgrounds and beliefs face prejudice and discrimination every day. Pride promotes their dignity, equal rights, self-affirmation and is a way of increasing society’s awareness of these issues.

For companies, supporting Pride is a visible way to take a stance on the matter and join in on the work. We at TietoEVRY are proud to partner with Pride - in Oslo, Stockholm and in Helsinki, read more here. It is a small gesture but is carries a greater symbolic value – inside the company as well as outside. To truly build diversity and inclusion as key strengths of the company culture, requires work from all of us - every single day.

Working for diversity and inclusion every day

At TietoEVRY, we see inclusion and diversity strongly dependent on one another. There can be no equal opportunities if difference is not valued, harnessed and taken account of. By doing so, we create an environment, where people don’t need to waste energy and creativity on hiding who they are or feeling ashamed, but instead we want to create opportunities for everyone to flourish and grow. An inclusive company culture enables everyone to be true to oneself - to be the best version of you also at work environment. This is what we strive for – see our recent employee testimonials here to learn more.

Our Diversity & Inclusion charter outlines our ambitions on the area. We have a concrete target for gender balance, but we also want to see a good blend of different age groups and nationalities in various functions reflecting our global reach. Our ethical guideline, the Code of Conduct, is our beacon of light, stating clearly the company’s stand points to human rights and respect for every individual - and having a zero tolerance for any discrimination.

Diversity enables innovation

In our business we are solving our customers’ challenges every day. Diversity enables innovation – and innovation is what we live on in this highly dynamic technology sector.

Diverse teams enable creating best user experiences for the diverse users of digital services and solutions.

Pride month highlights differences, equality, diversity and human rights with celebration and serious talks. I am personally extremely proud that we as a company continue stand up for what is right. We support and welcome our LGBTQAI+ colleagues and are proud to celebrate with you during this month and every day.


Trond Vinje
Head of HR

Trond Vinje is Chief Human Resources Officer and part of the leadership team in Tietoevry. Diversity and inclusion are part of his daily work.

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