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Yearning for learning? Moving from one role to another made easy at TietoEVRY

At the end of the day, we are finding solutions to people’s challenges and making their everyday life easier.

Mikko Tolvanen / March 09, 2021

It was 2011 when I joined here as SAP consultant. From the beginning, I had the feeling that TietoEVRY was seeking people for the company, not for a specific role. Now, 10 years and 5 positions later, I know that the opportunities to grow within the company are extraordinarily good.

Since my first days here, I have worked as a Lead Consultant, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager and Program Lead. Just a couple of months ago I started as a Customer Lead in the e-comms team. We map customer needs, search for new solutions, and suggest ideas. We are always asking ourselves how we could help our customers to develop their business.

Moving from one role to another has always only taken a few months – all I have had to do is ask. For me, trying new things and stepping out from my comfort zone is the best way to develop and learn. The possibility to vary on what, where and how to work has motivated me, and for sure will continue to do so.

No boundaries for personal and professional growth

The best thing about working at TietoEVRY is that you can get involved in many exciting projects if you just have the courage. For example, right after I started here, I got a chance to discuss with our CEO about the future of leadership and how the younger generation perceives it. Soon, I was part of the leadership development team.

So, if you are curious and eager to learn, the possibilities to grow are endless. At least I have not met any boundaries yet.

I love the incredibly diverse expertise of the people and the great variety of customer projects we implement here. Each project provides a unique opportunity to learn and challenge myself and make a positive impact for our customers and many times, also for society in general. This makes my work both meaningful and full of opportunities to develop myself.

Culture flourishes in self-oriented teams

At the end of the day, we are finding solutions to people’s challenges and making their everyday life easier. Our free and self-oriented culture supports that 100% - we can make our own decisions independently, form our ways of working, and choose the tools we use. Therefore, I would say that our culture culminates and flourishes in teams, which are the closest units to support their members.  

This is possible as we all adhere to the same, well-communicated company-level guidelines and values. I am proud that our company is committed to creating a sustainable digital future and has built a culture that combines freedom and formal guidelines and support in a fascinating way. Hundreds of microcultures flourish here promoting a good atmosphere. Therefore, changing from one team to another has been both relatively easy and refreshing. A new team has always meant new people, new habits, and new opportunities.

I have enjoyed my ride here as I have an endless hunger for learning. I believe that I have just scratched the surface of what TietoEVRY has to offer. I would recommend joining our community for everyone sharing the same passion for both personal and professional growth.   

Rebel at heart?

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Mikko Tolvanen
Customer Lead

Mikko Tolvanen, Customer Lead in Customer Experience Team who sees stepping out from his comfort level as a great opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

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