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Meaningful work with like-minded people

From Project Management trainee to Customer Lead. Time to dive into Krista's career story.

Krista Karttunen / March 05, 2021

Working at TietoEVRY is an opportunity to impact society, but it is the people that make this possible. At every point in a TietoEVRY career path, responsibilities are made available to those who seek them, and supportive teams are able to overcome unexpected challenges when they emerge.

I am proud to be part of a company committed to building a more inclusive and sustainable digital future and enabling other people to do the same. The past two and a half years at TietoEVRY have shown me that every team can make a difference and choose their own approach to achieve the best output.

From trainee to Customer Lead

I remember vividly my first days here as a project management trainee. I received great support from my supervisor, colleagues, and fellow trainees. The common attitude towards new people was, and still is, warm. I felt welcomed right from the beginning.

After few months, I felt ready to handle more responsibility. Soon, I started as a project manager in the highly skilled team. We implemented a cloud version of the Public 360° case, records, and archive management product in the Finnish market. As the result, the customer was able to digitalize their administrative processes in order to comply with national and international laws and regulations.

The support I received impressed me. From the beginning, I was in the driver seat, but I always knew my team lead and teammates would be there for me. Based on my own experience, I can say that at TietoEVRY one gets responsibility by asking for it.

After completing the trainee program, I joined the Customer Experience team in Digital Consulting, where I still am today. We design, develop, and handle digital solutions for customers in various fields, from the pharmaceutical industry to telecommunications. We ensure that customer digital strategies, solutions and services stay relevant and valuable despite the continuously evolving and demanding market conditions.

A culture of co-operation

What keeps me driven is that I am surrounded by such enthusiastic and engaged teammates and customers. In fact, I believe that the sense of community we share is the key to achieving great results, as it forms a strong basis for the agile culture, modern and smart ways of working, low hierarchy and self-organization of our team.

My experience has made me realize how much I appreciate our work culture. Our team is very close-knit. When there are challenges, we always tackle them together and have fun along the way.

Speaking of having a good time, I have also made some good friendships at TietoEVRY and even discovered a new passion for road cycling – I am totally hooked!

Rebel at heart?

It's time to give the experience back to the people. If this is what you want to do, then join a community of rebels backed by a stable organization - TietoEVRY Customer Experience! Apply now!

Krista Karttunen
Customer Lead, Customer Experience Management

Krista is working as a Customer Lead in the Customer Experience Team. She believes that customer value evolves from co-operation. 


Krista Karttunen

Customer Lead, Customer Experience Management

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