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Rebel at heart?

It's time to give the experience back to the people. If this is what you want to do, then join a community of rebels backed by a stable organisation - TietoEVRY Customer Experience!

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We believe the future is built by people for people


Join one of the spearhead business areas of TietoEVRY in winning digital experiences powered by intelligent technology, data and analytics. We create solutions for our customers that are easy to use, intelligent, fit for purpose and cost-efficient. Most of all, ones that make a measurable business impact influencing millions of people's lives. 

We believe in holistic brand-wide customer experience design, innovation and development instead of point-to-point CX solutions to make a long-lasting difference.

Open Positions

Business Developers & Enablers

If enabling teams and customers to succeed using creative and efficient ways of getting things done is your thing, our CX team at TietoEVRY is the place for you!

Salesforce Business Lead - Apply now!

Scrum Master - Apply now!

Senior UX Designer - Apply now!




We bring the technology to the doorstep of millions of people. Become our teammate and let's do it together!

Full Stack Developer - Apply now!

Frontend oriented Full Stack Developer - Apply now!

Mobile Developer - Apply now!

EPI Developer - Apply now!

DevOps Lead - Apply now!


We give the experience back to the people by enabling smoother life for everyone with creative solutions. Join us!

Lead Solution Architect, Digital Banking - Apply now!

Meet our people

Mikko, Customer Lead

Hunger for learning? All you have to do is ask!

''The possibility to vary on what, where and how to work has motivated me, and for sure will continue to do so.''

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Farrah, Senior Software Engineer

Microservices, a mindset to do things small and 'right'!

"Modern IT culture built over DevOps and cloud container management technologies, has ignited my passion for it."

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Nina, Head of Business Operations 

When there's a challenge who you gonna call?

''My career path has been varied – sometimes up, sometimes sideways, but always forward with positivity and curiosity to learn new things and challenge myself."

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Marko, User Interface Designer

Designing human experiences!

''For me, future business is about having the courage to act like human beings towards each other.This means that value creation in the digital era requires a fresh playbook."

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Krista, Customer Lead

Meaningful work with like-minded people

''Here, at every point in a career path, responsibilities are made available to those who seek them, and supportive teams are able to overcome unexpected challenges when they emerge.''

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Janne, UX/UI Designer

Building a welcoming digital platform

"How user-centricity enabled us to help Startup Refugees plan for their future? We were driven by understanding the users and their needs, so instead of resorting to guessing, the team worked through an empathetic approach to build understanding and provide useful recommendations."

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What do we do at work?

Did you know that you deal with us almost every day?

When you withdraw money at an ATM, when you buy a train ticket online, make mobile payments or when you receive a digital message that it is time to pick up a package you have ordered. The team behind the scenes for these solutions is a large group of strategists, coders, analysts, industry experts and future enthusiasts.

Empower people and business

Welcome to an exciting journey. TietoEVRY creates digital advantage for businesses and society. We are a leading digital services and software company with a local presence and global capabilities. Our Nordic values and heritage steer our success.

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