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Podcast: Insights to automation, AI, and digital transformation

Listen to the Intelligent Automation Radio Podcast episode where Himadri Das shares his insights on automation, AI and digital transformation initiatives in the Nordics.

Himadri Das / July 08, 2020

Intelligent automation radio podcast for IT executives seeking insights on the impact and opportunities for innovation that automation is delivering to businesses around the world. Featuring thought leaders in AI, machine learning, orchestration and automation.

Listen to the episode where Himadri Das discusses with Guy Nadivi, the host of Intelligent Automation Radio, and shares his insights on automation, AI and digital transformation initiatives in the Nordics.


Grab the tips below to listen to the episode:

1:35 How is COVID-19 affecting MSPs like Tietoevry, who provide IT services to enterprise customers?

4:16 What's been the pandemic's effect on enterprise decisions about implementing automation, AI, and other digital transformation initiatives?

6:30 How do CIOs and CTOs in Nordic countries approach automation, AI, et cetera differently?

8:30 What are some of the more interesting AI and automation use cases TietoEVRY has undertaken for its customers?

12:20 What are some of the most unrealistic expectations currently plaguing the field of analytics and automation?

15:20 Which value proposition has been most effective in persuading a CEO to overcome any hesitations they might have and move forward with automation and AI?

17:50 What are going to be some of the biggest disruptions we'll see in the next three to five years, with respect to automation, AI, and other digitally transforming technologies?

22:25 What is the one big must-have piece of advice you'd like to give for the CIOs, CTOs and other IT executives to moving forward with digital transformation?

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Himadri Das
Head of Automation

Himadri is leading automation initiatives in Tietoevry. His key focus includes driving end-to-end full stack automation solutions, covering business-driven automation, RUN and Build automation, as well as support function automation solutions leveraging AIOps though Cognitive, AI and ML-based technologies.

Himadri’s career spans through multiple multinational organisations. He has rich experience from sales, application modernisation, and building next-generation business-driven solutions.

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