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Digital Sovereignty whitepaper

Download our whitepaper to learn more about the emerge of digital sovereignty and how to solve your business challenges and unlock innovation.

Want to understand the essence of digital sovereignty and its requirements for your organization?

In a growing data economy, where organizations are increasingly moving their business to the cloud and leveraging the full potential of data, there is a clear dilemma: How can you work collaboratively, grow, and innovate, within the global digital marketplace while complying with new and evolving regulations? It’s in this context that digital sovereignty has gained powerful momentum.

Simply put, digital sovereignty is about controlling where the data resides, where it flows, and who has ownership over it. The rapidly growing amounts of data, challenging cybersecurity landscape, global political turmoil, and changes in international regulations of recent years are affecting organizations of all sizes and geographies. In our whitepaper, we open the key concepts, regulatory changes and how to outline the journey towards digital and cloud sovereignty.

This whitepaper is a good read for experts and decision makers working with data, cloud, and responsible AI (Artificial Intelligence) to take advantage of the full potential of new and emerging technologies, but also for all who are interested in getting a better understanding of digital sovereignty and its implications.
Wenche Karlstad

Head of Digital Sovereignty Initiatives

Everything you need to know about digital sovereignty

The momentum of digital sovereignty is here! Download the whitepaper to explore the key steps that organizations and businesses can take to either embark on or gather momentum in their cloud journeys.

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