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Managing customer identities in large scale with Microsoft cloud identity platform

Time to find out how we built a serverless identity platform for handling 2,3 million users.

Tim Peter Edstrøm

Public Cloud Chief Consultant

The challenge

As a public transportation operator, Vy has a large active customer base of 1 million monthly active users. In order to provide services like ticketing, travel planning and entertainment, Vy must provide their customers with a dependable and easy-to-use system for signing in.

After careful consideration, Vy decided to move away from their existing platform to Azure Active Directory business-to-consumer (AAD B2C) as the solution for the future.

Wanting to ensure that customers can always buy and access their tickets, Vy needed a secure, highly available and highly scalable identity platform that could be integrated with both existing and new applications, using open and modern standards.

The solution

Azure AD B2C was chosen as a platform, as it met all the customer’s needs and provides the scalability and availability required. The Azure AD B2C identity platform is delivered by TietoEVRY as a Managed Service (IDaaS). The Azure AD B2C Managed Service is built and deployed using Azure DevOps pipelines.

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Benefits of the modern identity platform

Subscribing to the TietoEVRY Azure AD B2C Managed Service offering, Vy has access to identity developer expertise to further develop the identity platform for current and future needs.

Using Azure AD B2C as their modern identity platform, Vy can focus on developing the core functionality of their applications without having to worry about authentication. Additionally, Single Sign-On can easily be enabled across applications that are integrated with the identity platform.

Azure DevOps provides the necessary tools for maintaining consistency across all environments by setting up automated build and deployment pipelines.

About the customer

The Vy Group is one of the largest transport groups in the Nordic countries. The company is owned by the Norwegian government and its Ministry of Transport and Communications. Vy has four operational business areas in Norway and Sweden: Rail passenger services, Bus services, Freight transport and Customer experience and innovation.

A seamless transition to the new system.

User experience

A seamless transition to the new system.

A platform that provides the required scalability for the future.


A platform that provides the required scalability for the future.

The identity platform is managed using a DevOps methodology with continuous deployment.


The identity platform is managed using a DevOps methodology with continuous deployment.

Seamless transition to the new system

All customer accounts have been migrated from the old solution to Azure Active Directory B2C, with a limited amount of reported issues. As part of the migration, the Vy branding was kept intact to maintain the familiar look of the Vy applications

The Vy application is available both as a web application and a mobile application, supporting both iOS and Android devices, and presents a layout consistent across these platforms.


The customer experience was the primary focus during the project implementation phase. The sign in screen is efficient and offers self-service options such as signing in with Vipps (Logg inn med Vipps), signing in with email, creating a new profile and performing password reset.

The "Remember me" functionality enables user sessions to stay active for an extended period of time, to avoid unnecessary sign in prompts, and ensure quick application access.

Moving to customer authentication with Azure has allowed us to add third party authentication with ease. Doing this together with TietoEVRY allows us to focus on the Customer Experience, while TietoEVRY ensures stable and secure operations of the cloud solution.

Erik Korme

Product Manager, Digital Customer Services

The agility of the identity platform

The identity platform is managed using a DevOps methodology with continuous deployment, providing features like versioning and traceable changes.

21-0064 Konduktor-kontrollerer-billett-VY-02630.JPG

Building for the future

Equally as important to landing on a trusted identity and authentication provider was to find a vendor with a product that is built for the future and adopts a cloud-first mentality.

Microsoft is investing heavily in the identity space and has been doing so for several years. Azure AD B2C, their platform for handling consumer identities, is now part of their external identities product portfolio, which is continually getting new features added to it.

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