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Svippr: One-click taxi booking app

Forget hours of waiting and long queues; the solution is Svippr, Norway's easiest taxi booking service. IFT gathered all its customers under a single brand for Norway's easiest taxi booking app.

IFT, a subsidiary of Taxus Norge AS, supplies operating solutions to taxi companies, such as taximeters, ride notifications and payment solutions.

With just one click on your mobile, Svippr lets you order a taxi wherever you are. You can also book a taxi using your smartwatch and be notified of the pick-up time. When the taxi is on its way, you can track its location on a map. After your ride, you can easily obtain receipts for claiming travel expenses. There's also a feature for booking airport rides with a ride-sharing option.

The end-user decides

In this process, we developed a new graphic profile and brand strategy for the app so that we could gather together all the different taxi booking offices. The solution was user tested by potential customers to find the solution that worked best. Universal design considerations were also taken into account.

A big team

The process of making an app like this involves all kinds of people, so many different developers and designers joined the team to produce the most optimal solution for everyone involved.

A business developer was responsible for the digital strategy and for cooperating with ITF on new ideas for the app. The sketches and design were carried out by two graphic designers. The app itself was designed by mobile phone developers with expertise in iOS and Android development.

Satisfied customers

The process also provided IFT with opportunities to gain insights into what users are thinking and to understand their needs. As a result, the final product has a unique design that takes users wants and needs seriously.

— 'Svippr is perhaps the most feature-rich and user-friendly taxi app in Norway today, says Olav Kveim, General Manager in ITF.

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