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Allskog: Completely in the cloud!

Tietoevry at your service

When Eirik Wean took up the position as IT manager in the forest owner association ALLSKOG, there was a clear desire to modernize the IT services. The IT solutions they had used for many years were outdated and did not solve the needs of today or tomorrow.

"Our existing solutions required a relatively large amount of support, which required considerable resources from both us and EVRY," says Wean.

At the same time, the implementation time was a limitation in relation to launching new services, and thus it was natural to look for alternatives.

Inhouse or outsourcing?

ALLSKOG evaluated a number of options before the choice fell on a cloud-based solution.

- We both considered continuing with outsourcing with an operating partner, investing in own solutions in-house - or going for a cloud-based solution, Wean says.
The latter emerged as the most forward-looking, as it provides increased flexibility and scalability while facilitating the introduction of new services.

- Like other industries, the forestry industry is also changing rapidly. In order to meet these changes, it is important to be able to deliver productivity-enhancing services quickly and without investing heavily. The question was whether the organization was ready.


Wean and ALLSKOG contacted us to get an analysis of the space with a cloud-based solution, and to what extent the organization was "Cloud-Ready".

With a basic knowledge of the operating environment in ALLSKOG, we made an analysis of needs and opportunities in a solution based 100% on Microsoft Azure, and after the Cloud Readiness process was completed, we concluded with Wean and his associates that Azure was a sensible way go.

Safe transition to Azure

When the decision on a full transition to Microsoft's cloud service Azure was taken, EVRY's consultants ensured that the move process occurred without affecting day-to-day operations. The process was carefully thought out, and implementation was as planned.

Servers internally at ALLSKOG and at EVRY's operations center were replaced with Azure-based services, including virtual machines and all monitoring. At the same time, the organization switched to Office 365, which among other things meant that servers that previously ran mail, SharePoint and Skype for Business became redundant.

Easier everyday life for users

- After the relocation process, most of our business-critical IT solutions are located in Azure, says Wean.

- Office applications, SuperOffice, Visma, various map tools and other applications are easily accessible wherever the users are. Speed and stability are as good or better than before, and there is no longer scepticism about having the data in the cloud.

Preparing PCs and upgrading applications go much faster

New PCs are now easily logged into Azure AD / Intune so they can quickly download the right software. "This is one of the areas that is faster and easier with the new cloud-based solution," says Wean.

- The same applies to the distribution of new or updated software to users. Previously, users had to look for the right version, while now it happens completely automatically. Mobile applications are automatically updated via Microsoft Intune. Applications and policies are automatically distributed based on the role of the individual user.

More time to develop new services

One of the most important gains is that the cloud-based solution frees up time so that Wean and colleagues can focus on development projects:

- We are now developing new services, including an iPad-based contract solution for use in the forest, further development of decision support systems and a new hourly system that will give us a better overview and control.

- We also consider using Microsoft PowerApps which will enable completely new ways of working in the field, Wean concludes.

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