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Modernising the wood and fibre supply system and integrating it with ecosystem services

Helping Harvestia to modernise its wood supply system and build an ecosystem connecting the different actors in wood and supply field to bring in better efficiency in its operations.

“We are modernising the wood supply system with the aim of improving the steering of wood and fibre deliveries to our customers and increasing the effectiveness of hauling operations with our transportation partners,” says Pekka Kauranen, CEO of Harvestia.

The business challenge

Harvestia wanted to upgrade its existing wood and fibre system and create better efficiency in the related environment. The module was to be integrated to make sure that all the actors in the wood and fibre supply field are brought together in one ecosystem. They wanted advanced, efficient steering of wood supply operations and to enhance the usability and user experience of applications.

Our solution

As a part of the renewal, Tieto helped Harvestia modernise the existing tools and also added the Tieto Integrated Fibre Flow (TIFF) module for fibre demand and logistics planning. The module was integrated with Trimble’s LogForce service which would enable operational and vehicle level planning. It would also help in the steering of the wood transportation operations.

Service features provided:

  • Modernising existing tools  
  • Tieto Integrated Fibre Flow (TIFF) Planning module for fibre demand and logistics planning  
  • Integrating with Trimble’s LogForce 
  • A concept for connecting Harvestia’s wood supply system with the Finnish digital wood marketplace

Customer business challenge:

  • Upgrade and modernise existing wood supply system 
  • Increase efficiency of the hauling operations with transportation partners 

What the customer achieved:

  • Improved steering of wood and fibre deliveries to the customer
  • Improved and efficient hauling operations with transportation partners


About the customer

Harvestia Oy is Powerflute PLC’s wood procurement company. They actively purchase birch fibre for use by Savon Sellu in Kuopio and also procure wood for their partners. Their wood procurement focuses on North Savo, South Savo and Southeast Finland.

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