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Proposal by the Shareholders’ Nomination Board of Tieto Corporation to the Annual General Meeting to be convened on 19 March 2015

22 January 2015

Tieto Corporation STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE 22 January 2014 at 15.00 EET

The Shareholders’ Nomination Board of Tieto Corporation proposes to the Annual General Meeting that the meeting would decide as follows:

1 Number and composition of the Board of Directors

The Shareholders’ Nomination Board proposes to the Annual General Meeting that the Board of Directors shall have eight members and that the current Board members Kurt Jofs, Eva Lindqvist, Sari Pajari, Markku Pohjola, Endre Rangnes, Teuvo Salminen and Jonas Synnergren be re-elected and in addition Lars Wollung is proposed to be elected as a new Board member. Risto Perttunen has informed that he is not available for re-election. The Shareholders’ Nomination Board proposes that Markku Pohjola shall be re-elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

It was noted that the term of office of the Board members ends at the close of the next Annual General Meeting. All the proposed candidates have given their consent to being elected.

Lars Wollung (born 1961) is the President and CEO of Intrum Justitia AB, Europe’s leading credit management services company. Previously, he has acted as President and CEO of Acando AB, a NASDAQ listed management and IT consultant company. He has earlier worked as consultant in his own firm and McKinsey & Company. Lars holds a M.Sc in Economics from Stockholm School of Economics & Business Administration and a M.Sc. in Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology and has conducted further MBA studies at New York University.

The biographical details of the candidates and information on their holdings are available on Tieto’s website at

It was also noted that in addition to the above candidates, the company’s personnel shall appoint two members, each with a personal deputy, to the Board of Directors. The term of office for the personnel representatives is two years and Esa Koskinen (deputy Ilpo Waljus) and Anders Palklint (deputy Marita Ekblom) are appointed to the Board until the Annual General Meeting 2016.

2 Remuneration of the Board of Directors

The Shareholders’ Nomination Board proposes that the remuneration of the Board of Directors will be annual fees as follows: EUR 83 000 to the Chairman, EUR 52 500 to the Deputy Chairman and EUR 34 500 to the ordinary members of the Board of Directors. The same fee as to the Board Deputy Chairman will be paid to the Chairman of Board Committee unless the same individual is also the Chairman or Deputy Chairman of the Board. In addition to these fees, it is proposed that the member of the Board of the Directors be paid a remuneration of EUR 800 for each Board meeting and for each permanent or temporary committee meeting. It is the company’s practice not to pay fees to Board members who are also employees of the Tieto Group.

The Shareholders’ Nomination Board proposes that 40% of the fixed annual remuneration be paid in Tieto’s shares purchased from the market. The shares will be purchased within two weeks from the release of the interim report January 1 - March 31 2015. According to the proposal, the Annual General Meeting will resolve to acquire the shares directly on behalf of the members of the Board which is an approved manner to acquire the company’s shares in accordance with the applicable insider rules. The Shareholders’ Nomination Board is of the opinion that increasing long-term shareholding of the Board members will benefit all the shareholders.

3 Shareholders’ Nomination Board

The Annual General Meeting 2010 of Tieto Corporation decided to establish a Shareholders’ Nomination Board to prepare proposals for the election and remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors to the Annual General Meeting.

The Shareholders' Nomination Board comprises four members nominated by the largest shareholders and the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The largest shareholders of the company were determined on the basis of the shareholdings registered in the Finnish and Swedish book-entry systems on 31 August 2014.

The composition of the Shareholders’ Nomination Board having prepared the proposal for AGM 2015 is the following:

Martin Oliw, Partner, Cevian Capital AB,
Kari Järvinen, Managing Director, Solidium Oy,

Lauri Vaittinen, Chief Securities Officer, Etera Mutual Pension Insurance Company,
Timo Ritakallio, Deputy CEO, Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company, and
Markku Pohjola, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tieto Corporation.

The Shareholders’ Nomination Board shall report in the Annual General Meeting on how its work was conducted.

For further information, please contact:
Jouko Lonka, General Counsel, tel. +358 2072 78182, +358 400 424 451,
firstname.lastname (at)


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