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Update on ransomware attack in Sweden: Restoration work progressing at Tietoevry

22 January 2024

UPDATED: 22 January, 14:00 CET

The ransomware attack on one of Tietoevry’s datacenters in Sweden has impacted Tietoevry’s services to a limited group of customers in Sweden. The affected platform was isolated immediately, and the attack has not impacted other parts of Tietoevry’s infrastructure. As of today, Monday 22nd January, the work to restore the impacted services is progressing.

The malicious attack based on Akira ransomware on one of our datacenters in Sweden took place during the night of January 19-20. Tietoevry takes the situation very seriously and has an extensive team of experts and technicians working around the clock to minimize the impact and restore services.

Tietoevry has over the weekend completed the thorough preparations essential for initiating restoration of the customer-specific services. Currently, Tietoevry cannot say how long the restoration process as a whole will take - considering the nature of the incident and the number of customer-specific systems to be restored, the total timespan may extend over several days, even weeks. We are focused on resolving this as soon as technically possible, in close collaboration with the customers in question.

“We understand that this situation is challenging for the impacted customers, and we are making every effort to ensure that they are kept up to date on the progress being made. We regret the inconvenience caused by this malicious attack on our customers and all those affected by it. Our priority is to continue with bringing our customers services back safely and efficiently”, says Venke Bordal, Head of Tietoevry Tech Services Sweden.

Tietoevry has increased the preparedness and surveillance of its infrastructure overall as a security measure. Tietoevry is collaborating with relevant authorities and has filed a report to the Swedish police.

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