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Tietoevry Create establishes a new combined Tietoevry Create International Baltic Market

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19 April 2023

Following the global Tietoevry strategy launched in early 2021, Tietoevry Create has on the 1st of April, 2023 launched a new Tietoevry Create International Baltic Market. Tietoevry Create is the global business design and software engineering arm of Tietoevry.

The combined market will provide better alignment and support for strategic digital services offerings, business opportunities, and growth plans. By leveraging the strengths of each Baltic country, the combined market will be more competitive, scalable, and strategic, with a focus on major pan-Baltic and local business opportunities.

All three Baltic countries share similar economic and digitalization trends, with substantial investments from the government and EU financing programs driving businesses. The private sector also provides the demand for innovative technology, particularly in large companies. These relatively small markets are efficient and quick to catch up with Western development trends, with a total estimated market size of 3.6 billion EUR, of which Estonia represents around 26%, Latvia 34%, and Lithuania 40% of the digitalization market.

These businesses will be combined and organized under one leadership team, equivalent from all three Baltic countries, with approximately 250 experts specializing in cloud, data, and software, to execute a common strategy, leveraging the best-in-class capabilities using Tietoevry Create's global delivery model, and working closely with delivery centers in Europe, India, and Ukraine.

The main business focus areas of the Tietoevry Create International Baltic Market are:

  • Software Engineering,
  • Enterprise Solutions,
  • Energy and Utilities Engineering,
  • Managed Services,
  • Data.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Valerija Varna as Head of Tietoevry Create International Baltic Market. Valerija joined Tietoevry in 2017 as Country Manager and head of local business in Latvia. Valerija is also the Chairperson of the board of Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.

Visit website to learn more about Tietoevry Create's global business design and software engineering services.

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Valērija Vārna

Head of Tietoevry Create International Baltic Market

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