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Tietoevry AI and Machine Learning solution brings advanced profit scoring to MedMera Bank

22 October 2021

Tietoevry extends its collaboration with MedMera Bank through the deployment of game-changing AI and Machine Learning solutions. The new technology supports better and faster decision-making based on profit scoring, which ultimately reduces customer churn.

Tietoevry has been supporting MedMera Bank since 2013. In 2019 the bank agreed a three-year extension for SaaS retail lending services as part of a program to identify and take advantage of new business opportunities while simplifying the credit process.

The collaboration between the companies has now been expanded with the introduction of a new Tietoevry AI and machine learning solution. With this technology, it is possible to make faster, evidence-based decisions, that provide the bank’s customers with services that meet their needs at a fair price.

“We’ve worked closely with MedMera Bank, to ensure we provide the optimal solution for the bank’s needs,” says Thomas Lindqvist, Head of Credit Product Engineering at Tietoevry. “It has been an incredibly smooth process as we have all worked to ensure a successful outcome for what is a very exciting project. The combination of industry knowhow among the bank’s credit employees, and our record of delivering business growth technology within this sector, opens up incredible opportunities for both parties.”

New smart data models will enable MedMera Bank to work with advanced profit scoring as an integral part of the credit assessment. Profit scoring includes several key elements, such as the risk of churn, the risk of bankruptcy, win pricing, and much more.

“It is important to understand that something like this can only be achieved by combining technology and business in one unit,” continues Lindqvist. “Doing this ensures any positive impact permeates across the organization. That’s why, for example, MedMera's customer service department has changed certain processes. They now engage with customers at an earlier stage, armed with an increased understanding of their current financial situation.”

From a purely IT perspective, the technical solution is managed by Tietoevry, minimizing the need for Medmera Bank to handle maintenance and allowing for rapid updates, with no major upgrades to worry about. “It´s important to stress that if the technical solution for whatever reason is not up-and-running, we will revert to our own old model, so we have not created any new 'single-point of failure'," says Kenneth Nybohm, VP MedMera Bank,

“I believe the fact that we achieved our goal based on such close collaboration adds an extra dimension to the relationship and the collective pride in what we’ve achieved. Long may it continue,” concludes Lindqvist.


Do you want to know more contact:

Sofie Dufwenberg, Head of Credit Science - Tietoevry Banking,

Kenneth Nybohm, VVD - MedMera Bank,

Erik Ellqvist, CIO - MedMera Bank,


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Sofie Dufwenberg

Head of Credit Science, Credit Solutions and Services

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