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TietoEVRY has been recognized by young professionals in Norway as one of the top ten companies to work for

“Valued right from the start”: how young professionals in Norway see TietoEVRY

14 December 2020

TietoEVRY has again been recognized by young professionals as one of the top ten companies in Norway to work for, according to Universum’s most recent annual survey.

We are pleased to hold our position in the ranking as we take great pride in striving to be a magnet for young professionals all over the Nordic region.

But what is it that makes working at TietoEVRY so appealing for the next generation of talent?

Values and a warm environment

FridaCharlotteWennstam.jpgFrida Wennstam started in the company in an internship in 2019, before joining us full-time in the Autumn of 2020.

“TietoEVRY has been put to the test with a major merger in a time marked by a global pandemic and an unpredictable everyday life. Despite this, I feel that the company has nevertheless managed to put its employees first,” Frida says.

Maybe you want to experience for yourself how it is to work with us? We are looking for new Graduates!

“When I started, I got a mentor and a buddy to help me in the first months. This gave me a good understanding of how I should work in the future to achieve my career goals and what it takes to be a contributing employee and colleague in the company.”

Frida believes that TietoEVRY values graduates and young professionals and that we have managed to communicate that we not only need employees with years of experience in the industry. That is why she thinks we are getting a favorable ranking in the Universum award.

“I feel that TietoEVRY shows a strong commitment to young professionals and communicates how important we are for the company and its development. As a recent graduate, it is easy to feel that you are not a resource until you have gained practical experience. This myth I feel TietoEVRY has managed to break and I think that is very important. When you feel valued right from the start, it becomes easier to feel confident in yourself and your competence contribution, which in turn will lead to better performance.”

Strong focus on young talent pays off

Jelena Breivik, who leads Talent Acquisition in Norway, is happy about the award and believes that the Universum recognition shows that our hard work is paying off.


“Being successful in attracting young professionals in todays’ tech industry is probably one of the hardest things for companies to do right. For us it’s not just about attracting talent, but retaining them too,” she says.

“We strive to create a development arena that excites young professionals who are on the rise in their career. This requires a holistic approach to the whole individual and we pride ourselves in focusing on work-life balance at the same time as we challenge the professional in you.”

In October we also participated in career companies award in Sweden and brought home the price for career company of the year.

For TietoEVRY, the effort to create an environment in which young talent can thrive is never-ending.

“Now that the world is still in the storm of the pandemic, I think it will be especially important to show strengths such as flexibility and adaptability,” Jelena says. “As one of the largest technology companies in the Nordics, I think it will be important that we show our ability to adapt to a more digital everyday life where we can still deliver high quality services and where the needs of employees are taken care of even if they stay at home.”

Contact us

Anna Gulliksen

Head of Talent Acquisition

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