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Career company of the year

We won the prize for the career company.

22 October 2020

One of the most important goals for TietoEVRY is to have the best people in the industry in our work family. That means not only to recruit the right people to the job but also to give them the opportunities to grow and evolve in our company. That is why we are so happy to have taken the prize of the career company of the year 2020 home.

Fourth year in a row

In October 2020 Anna Gulliksen, Head of Talent Acquisition & Employer, participated in career companies award and brought home, for the fourth year in a row, the price for career company of the year. When we ask Anna why she thinks we won this time she has a clear speech:

- I think the main reason why we won is because of the security we can provide employees. I also think it is attractive to work the way we do when we work all over the world but, with a local approach. This time we may also need to give some “credit” to COVID-19. Working in the middle of a pandemic means that it can be more attractive to work for a big company that has better financial legs than a small company. 

Earlier this year we were also among the few companies in Norway to be awarded “Top in Industry” this year. Read more here.

Anna Gulliksen.jpg

In addition to this Anna mentions that she has gotten feedback from many of the employees that think it is important and attractive that we let our employees evolve and also change roles and departments in the company. That gives the employees opportunities to learn and explore more than one field.

Colleagues and warm welcomes make us great

Linnea Lindberg, Head of AI & Automation, thinks one of the best experiences of working here is that this has been a learning journey.

- It has been ups and downs – but I have always had great people around, to support me. I also feel really lucky to be working in a company that has a real impact on our customers and society.

Linnea_lindberg_tietoevry.jpgLinnea Lindberg, Head of AI & Automation.

Lukas Bard is one of our graduates this season and agrees with Linnea.

- I appreciate feeling welcome from my department, the Graduate program and organization right away. I feel like we are a modern organization providing the employee with a flexible and digital mindset. 

Lukas Bard 2.jpgLukas Bard, Graduate.

Read also: Do you want to be a colleauge of Linnea, Lukas, Anna or 24 0000 others working here?

This is some of the reasons Anna think we are attractive to students and young professionals but she also points to the big concept we started a couple of years ago:

- We have done a lot of work with the concept “shape the future today”, that gives the student and young professionals information around what they can and will do to shape the future together with us. That means if TietoEVRY stops, then Norway and Sweden will also stop. It does not mean that we are best in everything, but that we are so integrated into society and that we work with so many things. For a lot of young people starting to work, this is really attractive, and they want to be a part of the company that can influence society.

The jury shares Annas opinion around the growth’s opportunities for our employees and our big work with Shape the future.

- With a constant focus on development and careers for its employees, TietoEVRY works attractively with its Employer Branding work. Opportunities are provided internally at the company. Like being able to make a career, grow and develop. They stand out by focusing on the most important thing, their employees!

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