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TietoEVRY named among Norway's dream employers

Diversity, openness, opportunity and safety: all are key virtues of organizations vying to scoop a coveted Universum award.

08 May 2020

Which is why we are delighted to again be among the few companies in Norway to be awarded “Top in Industry” this year. For Anna Gulliksen, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, our success reflects not only the company’s healthy culture but also the opportunities for personal development and working with big, exciting cases.

Every year, Universum reveals Norway’s most attractive employers and students’ career preferences at Norwegian universities and colleges. This year more than 13 000 students participated. It is a tough competition, but we managed to stay at the top and have been voted one of Norway’s most attractive employers.  

We will continue (almost) exactly like before

Anna is pleased with our strong showing in this year’s survey. She understands that there are many who are uncertain about the future in the situation we are in and wanted to provide reassurances that TietoEVRY will continue to bring new talent on board through the Graduate program.

“The Graduate program is a strategic investment on our part, and we will continue the program in the future. As we need to consider the current market environment, we will need to reduce the number of Graduates in the upcoming programs. However, we will continue with all of the planned programs, and when we find ourselves on the other side of this crisis, we will increase the numbers of participants again.”

In the same boat

Jorid Anne Trandem, a product owner in Data Services, started as a Graduate in 2019. One of the things Jorid appreciated in the program was that she got to know more people in the same situation as herself.

“For most of us, this was our first job as an ‘adult’,” Jorid says. “The transition was big. To talk to people about how to use the knowledge you learned in your studies is very useful. It felt nice to know that there were more people in the same situation as yourself. To discuss things that may be simple for the more experienced heads but totally new for yourself was reassuring.”

For Jorid, the Graduate program was also important for understanding TietoEVRY as an organization. Webinars, for example, provide important information about the company, giving you an understanding of what we can offer you as an employee and who we are – as well an opportunity to get to know many different colleagues in different teams and roles.

“It makes it easier to connect with others across the organization;” Jorid explains. “You will also gain knowledge of relevant working methods and knowledge that can be used in the job. Among other things, we were at a workshop in Stockholm where the tasks were to handle situations with high uncertainty – and we have used a lot from this workshop in the pandemic crisis we are in today.”

A big organization means more opportunities

Jorid has now spent a year in the company after the Graduate program, and she agrees with Anna about why TietoEVRY is regarded as a top employer.

“TietoEVRY is a big organization, and a big organization means more opportunities. At TietoEVRY employees are valued and people are included. There is a focus on what people can do, and ethnicity, gender and age are not important. That creates a good environment, where we work well together and learn from each other. As a bonus, there is also a lot of social arrangement with colleagues.”

Digitalization has taken a leap forward

Recently, there have been several examples of how the pandemic is an important driver for many organizations to become more digital. Home office and distance requirements have made digital aids even more important than before. Jorid believes the crisis has brought into sharper view the benefits and necessity of technology.

“It shows that when we are working with technology solutions, we are doing something that is important to society. The pandemic highlights how technology solutions will be more important in the future. Even though some industries need to close production, technology solutions need to continue to function. We need more people with technical skills and education,” she says.

While demand for digital tools and services is set to increase, Jorid also predicts that greater use of technology will end up fueling anticipation for new services and solutions. In order to do this, it is important to bring in new employees with the right education.

“That is exactly why it is just as important, and perhaps even more so, that people want to learn about and work with technology,” she says. “Then we will come out of this crisis stronger than ever.”




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