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Lukas Bard: Protecting businesses and societies makes each day purposeful

Even though his father fueled Lukas’ interest in technology at an early age, it was far from obvious that it would later become his career.

Lukas Bard / June 15, 2023
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Lukas is the proof that there are many paths to the IT industry.

- Technology has always been around when growing up, says Lukas, as my dad always wanted to show me what was behind the appliances and gadgets we used, the 1s and the 0s. At the time I was more interested in playing hockey and football or gaming – but I believe it has been the main reason for my IT career.

During his studies in international business and entrepreneurship, Lukas took some courses within IT. Whereas the typical career for his classmates has been within business development, these courses made Lukas go in another direction. 

- I was drawn to cybersecurity, mostly because protecting businesses and societies makes each day purposeful and secondly because the cybersecurity field is growing rapidly, which is fun and creates opportunities and learning.

Big is beautiful

Lukas could have worked with cybersecurity in many places but chose Tietoevry because of its size.
- With 24 000 employees in total and around 500 employees working on cybersecurity alone, there’s no doubt that Tietoevry has the competence and capacity to take on big challenges.

Being big also means there’s room for different competencies and perspectives, of which Lukas is a prime example.
- I’m a great believer in cross functional teams, where you can address a problem from different angles. That allows us to get more perspectives. Our size allows me to focus on what I do best and explore new challenges. That’s the kind of company I want to be part of.

Vulnerability management

Lukas works mainly within the field of vulnerability management and has the lead responsibility for Sweden.
- It’s all about finding the factors that will fix the most critical vulnerabilities and lower the risk exposure at the same time. Our job is to give our customers insight and recommendations on how to strengthen their security posture by closing potential gaps in their protection.

Being proactive and creating trust is key to Lukas and his teams’ success.
- To protect our clients, we must be one step ahead of those who try to attack them, the threat actors. That means being proactive, not only handling occurrences as they happen, but preventing them from happening. One successful attempt from a threat actor can have devastating consequences. To succeed we need to work together, consultants, customers, and the government.

For Lukas, a key part for working together is trust.
- We have the technical skills needed to be on top of our game, and I think my background allows me to have a value adding and customer centric perspective. In sum, this creates a relationship built on trust.

Flexibility and freedom

To describe the working culture Lukas highlights two traits that make him thrive and grow.
- You’re given a lot of trust and freedom here at Tietoevry. If you’re curious and driven, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. There are vast opportunities to learn, but that also means you must be able to navigate your way through all these opportunities. My learning curve has been very steep.

In addition to freedom, there’s flexibility.
- I’m given the liberty to find my own way of working, both with regards to how I approach problems, but also where I work. At the same time, colleagues are there to support you when needed, and I’ve had a lot of very valuable input from my mentor. This combination of freedom and flexibility on one hand and support on the other, is invaluable.

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Lukas Bard
Lead Cybersecurity Consultant

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Started: 2020
Background: M. Sc. Entrepreneurship & B.Sc. Business Administration
Fun fact: Previously worked as the general manager for an ice-hockey team

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