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Combining my tech interest and business experience through TietoEVRY’s Graduate Program

It's exciting to be part of a leading Nordic technology company and experiencing the transformation journey. All while learning and growing at the same time.

Lukas Bard / November 20, 2020

I started the Graduate Program at TietoEVRY this September and joined the Cyber Security team in Sweden.

My experience so far has been very good. I feel more and more comfortable with my choice of joining the Graduate program at TietoEVRY. I feel that I’m on the right track and accelerating my professional growth thanks to the support of my colleagues and mentor.

The increased societal focus on cyber security is evident and interesting. Businesses rethink their business models which translates into an increased focus on protecting organizational assets, as innovations. Disruptive technologies and increased connectivity makes information one of our time’s most valuable resources. 

The merger and transformation to TietoEVRY (from Tieto and EVRY) has fascinated me more than expected. I often see colleagues identifying synergies and setting common goals which makes it interesting and fun to imagine the potentials of two competent backgrounds becoming one. Even though we are in a special time due to the global pandemic and merger, I still felt a warm welcome from the Cyber Security team, the Graduate program and the organization as a whole. 

Flexible and digital mindset, warm colleagues and good support 

One of the advantages of working in a modern organization like TietoEVRY is that the employee is surrounded by flexible and digital mindsets. For instance, many of my colleagues are located around Sweden but we feel close and collaborate effectively. The colleagues I have reached out to and interacted with so far have been supportive and taken their time to help me in my learning journey. I have also been given a carefully selected mentor who has been central in providing me with good support and discussing mutually interesting topics. 

Currently, I manage several activities in different projects simultaneously. I work both in projects with customers and in internal projects targeted at improving internal processes. I continuously work close to our Security Manager department and other colleagues in the Cyber Security function to effectively cultivate my competence within that field. I try to interact with colleagues in different departments to build a network and understand the organization. For example, I have been in frequent dialogue with my co-workers at the Innovation Center and provided my perspectives and experiences on how to manage innovations in a systematic manner. 

I believe that one of the greatest strengths for a large organization lies in the synergies generated between its members. Therefore, it is exciting to be part of the journey and transformation where the collective potential of 24,000 colleagues is increasingly being synergized at TietoEVRY. This will further strengthen our global capacity but also drive a local presence in our daily business. 

A generalist, focusing on understanding a broad range of activities 

Before I joined TietoEVRY I often strived to become as skilled as possible at specific things. Today I endeavour instead to become as good as possible at a broad range of relevant tasks. My goal is to be able to discuss many topics on a general level instead of being very specialized in a few. I believe the generalist role can be advantageous for me because it provides good conditions to combine my business experiences with the complexity of the cyber security-field. That’s why it’s good that our Graduate program offers different tracks, where you can either try out different roles, widen your skills in several areas or simply become a specialist in something if that is what you prefer.  

Why did I join? 

I joined the Graduate program because I saw the potential to utilize my technical interest and business experience in an alluring organization that consists of 24,000 experts globally (including 4 700 in Sweden for that matter) – supporting customers that operate across more than 90 countries. 

My goal by joining the program was to get a rewarding learning environment. The program provided me with a network of other Graduates in the Nordics which enriches my experiences. A carefully-chosen [JE1] Mentor and Buddy are also helping me on my learning journey. I have also been able to get broader exposure as a Graduate and dive into different contexts to explore areas of more interest for me. I believe these opportunities will help me to design an interesting and sustainable competence profile that our customers find attractive. 

The next steps 

My next step is to increase my involvement and take ownership of more activities in a customer project where I work together with a Security Manager in TietoEVRY. I will also take the exam for the AZURE 900 Fundamentals certification and continue the learning path in the Graduate program. 

Are you interested in joining the Graduate program at TietoEVRY? Here are some useful tips for a good start based on my experience: 

  • Dare to be curious. 
  • Ask interesting colleagues and departments for an introduction. 
  • Study the culture, the internal Hub and listen actively to people’s discussions during the coffee break or lunch (digital for the time being, but still as important) to understand the context of the organization. 
  • The sooner you will grasp parts of the culture and context in the organization, the more comfortable you’ll be in interacting with colleagues and eventually customers. 

Read more about the Graduate Program


Lukas Bard
Cyber Security & Risk Management Graduate

Lukas is a Graduate in the Cyber Security Services department. Before joining TietoEVRY, Lukas studied a MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and an BSc in Business Administration focusing on Sustainability at the School of Business, Economics & Law in Gothenburg. Besides work and studies, Lukas has a passion for playing hockey and recently he has discovered an interest for boat-fishing and golf. 


Lukas Bard

Cyber Security & Risk Management Graduate

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