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Priyanka Dhar: Making a difference in people’s lives

Being able to end her day with a feeling of having made a difference in people’s lives is commonplace for Priyanka. But that’s far from the only thing she appreciates with working at Tietoevry Care.

Priyanka Dhar / October 31, 2023
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Priyanka has over 12 years’ experience of working in the healthcare industry. Half of them have been in Tietoevry after she joined the team in Pune in 2017.

- To me, there is something special about working with an industry that is a question of life or death for individuals and therefore very important to society. It adds a dimension to the technology we develop and the solutions we deliver.

The solutions Priyanka and her team deliver to their clients are comprehensive and cover anything from the registration of patient information to technology used in clinical examinations.
- One of our products is a solution that transfers speech to text, helping doctors save time spent on clerical work that they now can put to better use in treating patients.

This solution can save doctors up to 40 minutes per entry, often going from one hour of administrative work down to 20 minutes.

Five roles in six years

Priyanka started her career in Tietoevry as a senior software engineer and has taken great steps in her six years at the company, with five different roles.

- My first step up the career ladder was as the team lead for the developing unit I started in when I joined Tietoevry. I’ve also been a scrum master and I’m currently a product owner. It’s been a steep learning curve, which I like.

Support from her managers has been important as her career has progressed, leaving her reassured that she could tackle the many new challenges she faced.

- The management has always been very supportive, both here at the local level and in Finland.

I’ve been given trainings – both technical and managerial - and have done multiple certifications, among them Agile CSM /CSPO & SAFe PO/PM. The management empowered me to succeed in my ever-changing roles.

An open and inclusive culture

The open-door policy that Tietoevry practices has been important to Priyanka, as she has been able to talk to just about anyone about anything.

- I have always felt that I can approach any leader, and that includes Ari Järvelä, Managing Director of Tietoevry Care. We have a culture where everyone is valued and respected, something I appreciate.

The way Tietoevry is organized adds to this feeling of being one team.
- I have previously worked in companies that divided units based on country, which makes sense from one perspective. I do feel, however, that being in one common Care Team regardless of where we live is a better way of going at it. We’re all included, and that creates a great feeling of unity. There’s no us and them.

For the curious

There’s little doubt that Priyanka enjoys working at Tietoevry, but the question is what characterizes others who thrive here.

- I think that anyone who likes experimenting with tech will fit in very well, in addition to having a drive and passion for making a positive impact and doing something good. It could be healthcare like me, contributing to another important side of society or the environment. Using the latest tech to achieve something in life, that’s what unites us.

Priyanka Dhar
Senior Team Lead, Product owner, Tietoevry Care

Location: Pune, India
Started: 2017
Education: Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Computer Engineering from Pune University 
Fun fact: Loves visiting historic landmarks when she travels abroad


Priyanka Dhar

Senior Team Lead, Product owner, Tietoevry Care

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