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Shareholders' Nomination Board

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Shareholders' Nomination Board

The composition of the Shareholders’ Nomination Board (SNB) for Tietoevry was determined based on holdings on 31 August 2023 in the Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish shareholders’ registers and received evidence thereof.

Tietoevry’s Shareholders' Nomination Board comprises four members nominated by the largest shareholders and the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the company. The shareholders who wished to participate in the work of the Shareholders’ Nomination Board nominated the following members:

  • Annareetta Lumme-Timonen, Investment Director, Solidium, Chairperson of the Shareholders’ Nomination Board

  • Alexander Kopp, Investment Manager, Incentive

  • Alexander Svensson, Vice President, Cevian Capital

  • Mikko Lantto, Chief Technology and Development Officer, Ilmarinen

  • Tomas Franzén, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Tietoevry

The representative of the largest shareholder shall act as chairperson unless otherwise decided by the Shareholders' Nomination Board.

Annual General Meeting 2010 established the Shareholders’ Nomination Board. The Nomination Board is established for the time being and prepares proposals for the election and remuneration of the chairperson and members of the Board of Directors, incl. the remuneration of employee representatives, to the Annual General Meeting.

Please read our Charter of the Shareholders' Nomination Board.

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