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No purchase order, no pay

Our policy

Tietoevry has implemented a No PO No Pay policy which means:

Purchases are to be done via a Tietoevry valid Purchase Order (PO).  A PO is created and submitted by Tietoevry Procurement department. It is mandatory for suppliers to quote a valid Purchase order number on all invoices to Tietoevry.


The No PO No Pay policy offers significant benefits to suppliers as well as to Tietoevry.

  • PO ensures that purchases are authorised before goods/services are supplied
  • PO confirms what is ordered including prices and other terms for the purchase
  • PO number on the invoice enables an effective invoice process and on-time payments
  • PO number on invoices enables automation and digitalization of our Purchase to Pay process

NO PO no Pay process

For more information regarding Tietoevry purchasing process and/or No PO no pay please contact us on

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