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How to invoice Tietoevry

Information for suppliers about invoicing Tietoevry


E-invoicing is not just great for the environment – it also cuts costs, streamlines processes and reduces errors. We no longer accept paper or pdf invoices in Finland, Sweden and Norway, and encourage suppliers in other countries to use e-invoicing. For more information, read our Instruction for suppliers

If you are already set up for e-invoicing, check that your operator or bank can connect with us through the operator network. If they are unable to, contact to create a new interchange connection. Our e-invoicing operator for all Tietoevry companies is Tietoevry Oyj – the operator's code is 003701011385.

Invoice content requirements

Guidelines on invoice format and content, as well as delivery documentation for physical goods, are explained in Tietoevry invoice content requirements.

Invoicing addresses

You will find invoicing addresses here, including e-invoicing codes. For addresses in other countries, please get in touch with your local Tietoevry contact.

Invoicing of External consultant work

Tietoevry uses Self-Billing - invoice created by Tietoevry on behalf of the supplier - as the default invoicing method in EU and Norway (for Norway permit to issue invoice on seller’s behalf must be signed) unless otherwise agreed.
For detailed information see Self-Billing guide for suppliers and other stakeholders.

Factoring companies

Please note that we do not accept invoices from factoring companies

Contact details for invoices

For general enquiries about invoicing:

For enquiries about specific invoices:

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