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Peppol Access Point‎ - Electronic document exchange

We can help you to digitize and automate the accounts payable process from start to finish. Smart rule settings and AI assistance get rid of every repetitive task within the process.

Communicate efficiently with partners across Europe through Peppol

Despite the importance, we know that manual document exchange is still infrequent use. We also know that manual procedures toward suppliers and customers increase the risk of payment failures, delays, and poor customer service.
Our smart service Peppol Access Point enables efficient and secure communication.
You can use the access point infrastructure to exchange commerce and payment messages in EHF (Norway) and Peppol BIS (international) format. Our service acts as the point of contact between your customers, your suppliers, and yourself.

Exchange your documents via certified Access Point‎

Peppol Access Point is part of an open European network for business document exchange. Through Peppol, you will be able to communicate efficiently with partners across Europe. Tietoevry is an authorized provider of Peppol Access Point.

Anders Ødegård

Product Manager Nordic

Key Features

Integrated System

You can integrate Peppol with your current purchasing system to develop and expand your eCommerce solution. The only thing required is that your IT vendor’s service is connected to Peppol.

Contact Point

Connecting new partners and managing messages across solutions is easy. The service acts as the point of contact between your customers, your suppliers and yourself.

Simple and Secure Management

Tietoevry’s Access Point is Peppol approved offering fast, simple, and secure processing of messages. All according to Difi’s best practice.

Complete Receipt Functionality

Access Point provides receipts for every sent invoice. The feature ensures that no invoices are lost in the mail. Or in cyberspace, for that matter.

Quality Check of all Messages

Your customers and suppliers can rely on all messages received from you to be according to the Norwegian EHF standard for electronic invoicing. Access Point checks and verifies that the messages meet the standard. You are notified in case of deviations allowing you to correct any possible errors.

Reliable and Stable Delivery

PEPPOL Access Point provides a service of high reliability and stability including monitoring 24/7.

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