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Data Advisory

Decisions, products, and services are only as good as the information they are based on. Where are your untapped areas of improvement and value? Let’s explore how you can harness full value from data

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Data Advisory - we know data!

We know how data add value to efficiency, quality, and innovation. We know how to get value out of data, but also where the pitfalls are. And, we know how to evaluate the data requirements of an initiative, to ensure it has what it takes to succeed.

National core data, central to multiple socially critical systems and processes, is safeguarded and disseminated securely and efficiently on our technical platforms and through our distribution channels. Tietoevry Data Services has more than 30 years’ experience as a manager, distributor, and quality assurance of Norway's master data.

Through our work, we have built-up considerable insight into the users' businesses and how data is part of it, both for public- and private sectors. Our skills and experiences are the foundation of our advice and assistance to you. Get access to market-leading technical expertise, expertise in data sources, and expertise in how this together can create value to your customers, employees, and citizens.

The type of assistance is based on your needs and range from getting a dialogue partner and advisor in data-, information-, and insight strategy – to hands on support with adaptations or new developments of functionality and integrations. In a pinch we can even support your operations for a time.

Kim Remvik-Larsen

Head of Data Advisory


It costs less to only pay for highly sought-after skills and competencies when you need them.


It costs less to only pay for highly sought-after skills and competencies when you need them.

Data is our core business. It is the essence of all we and our partners do.


Data is our core business. It is the essence of all we and our partners do.

If you want something done now and need capacity or competencies, hiring someone is not the solution


If you want something done now and need capacity or competencies, hiring someone is not the solution

What we do

Baseline offerings

The offerings listed here are our categories of support. All customer engagements are defined based on the actual customer requirements, adapted from these baselines, often combining elements from several of them. Our competence is broad, and our application of it is specific to your needs and desired outcome.

Competence mapping and development

All organizations need to stay current with the opportunities and threats that the continuous changes in technology and data availability present to their domain. Moving too fast can be as dangerous as moving too slow. We can support you in identifying where to invest in competence development and close the gap.

Data asset inventory and analysis

Accurate mapping of owned or accessible data assets is key to improvements in quality and time-2-market for your current operations. Understanding how well the data will perform when used outside of their original purpose, as well as what additional data assets can be available to you is critical for success in innovation projects.

Strategic- or tactical planning support

Adapting to continuously evolving technology must be an iterative process. Too short iterations, and it’s hard to stay on course, too long iterations and the landscape can shift under your feet. We support bi-focal planning processes, where longer-term ambitions are deconstructed and ordered into manageable and actionable steps.

Operational support

Sometimes what you need is just a hand. Regardless of the reason why should you need temporary support to ensure business continuity, we will do everything we can to assist you. Our data professionals have the competence and experience to relieve any data-related function in your organization.

Constraints and possibilities of data usage

A number of legal frameworks impact data usage. Which ones have an impact depending on the data, the context, the operator, and the recipient? Challenges to navigating the legal landscape slow, or plain stops, many legal applications of data. Our combination of technical- and legal expertise, as well as our many projects where we have challenged claimed constraints and won through, can be your tool for realizing your initiative.

Customer relationship management (CRM) Optimization

Accurate information is critical when engaging with customers both in business-to-business and business-to-customer relationships. Data Services has the information assets, domain expertise, and strategic partnerships to help up your customer game.

People and procurement – Process support

Some decisions are more equal than others. In a world where almost everything is speeding up, decisions which commit you for a length of time become even more critical. Hiring a new colleague or a new supplier are very many examples of such decisions. With our support, you can improve your qualification of persons or companies with our extensive range of expertise and decades of experience.


Here are examples of our Data Advisors. As a company, our competence base counts many hundreds more, but here you get to know some of us a little better. As you can see we range from broad strategic-, to deep technical knowledge.

The overview shares some topics each advisor is passionate about, how they approach the field, and a small greeting in form of a quote, either from them, or they are fond of. We want to get to know you a little better as well, and hope to hear from you!

Anngrim Olsvik

Sourcing of IT, Service contract negotiations, Capability planning, Security, C-level planning.

Find the right people, build a good team, identify key problems, and solve them together efficiently by application of technology. Former CIO/CTO with experience from systems development, transformation projects and product management. A full stack, 360 view on technology in support of the business.

«Be, and lead the change you want to see in the world”.


Dag Skjørberg

Continuous improvement, Customer orientation, and application of technology, knowledge seeking and -sharing.

The present situation can be continuously improved by combining new technology with the experience we build over time as a team. Together with customers explore their reality, and how our solutions can be applied. Information and data are tools, not goals in themselves. The joy of performing and delivering in a way that makes us proud of the value we have had a hand in creating.

«Collaboration with both colleagues and clients must be built on trust».


Kim Remvik-Larsen

Data as source of competitive edge, Decision support, Data fabric

Technologist at the core and in origin, past 20 years my focus has been on business- and user value from achievable technical innovation. I have a bone to pick with the marketing people who almost ruined “AI”, and when I can I prod politicians on their take on data as a national resource.

“Smart people who make the effort can do anything”


Kjell Arne Arvesen

Agile/Lean, Autonomous teams, User perspective, Full stack

From the perspective of the user, and with respect for context, I work to identify ideas and possibilities where technology and data quickly can capture value. As a full stack capable expert, I have seen the importance of complementary teams who combined see all sides to a project.

«The journey is more important than the destination, if you get there”


Laura Lauziniece

Data sources, Language, Ontology, Philology

Language is how we have shared information for thousands of years, for the past decades data has become more and more important in storing and sharing information. Now we see language, through ontologies, enrich data with even more meaning. I want to keep growing and learning in this field, to help find answers to questions we previously couldn’t answer

“Hard work beats talent, given time.”


Leif Arne Sigurdsen

Building of information systems, Team- and project management, Cross-functional collaboration

I focus on the collaboration and coordination that is needed to make the possibilities that lie in technology real. With more, and more diverse, data being employed for an increasing number of use-cases, collaboration needs to span more competencies. The key lies in making the combined team more than the sum of its participants. To do that you need to respect and understand more than one perspective.

“It’s not enough that each person is a star if they can’t collaborate».


Marianne Arveng

Innovation, Business development, Partnerships, Cross disciplinary collaboration

Caring for a service portfolio means to evolve and innovate it, to cater for tomorrows needs and opportunities. The marketplace is in constant change as is our customers. We have lived, and through collaboration succeeded, in a vortex of digital change. Now we invite you to join the collaboration and benefit from our experiences.

“Existing elements combined in new ways can create new value”.


Martine Grouff

Data quality, Insight, Analytics, Data privacy

I want to find the gold in the rubble, real possibilities for new insight in existing data through patterns and deviations. To make full use of the data you already have access to, you must know the facts of limitations and weaknesses, so you can fix them or compensate. Then translate business needs into technical designs, that actually can be delivered.

“Quality is better than quantity”.


Ole Jonassen

Anti-money laundering, Fraud prevention, Collated datasets, Credit

Seasoned strategic and tactical advisor in questions related to data availability and use. Deep domain expertise in both banking and public sectors. Certified anti-money laundering analyst, with capability to support implementation and operation of reporting frameworks.

“White collar crime has real victims. Money laundry supports violent crime and terrorism”.


Vemund Hellevik Olsen

Analytics, Scoring models, Data Quality, Machine learning

I have experienced the thrill of identifying valuable patterns in diverse data-sets. Repeated examples where existing data, used in a new way, can yield forecasts or historical insights which can help replace “gut-feeling” based guesswork with data-driven decisions

“’Experience-based decision’ is just a way to say ‘guess’ using more letters”


Pål Wiik

Data catalogue , Data Asset Management, Graph-databases

25 years in the interface between technology and business focusing on how existing and new technology can act as a catalyst for business strategies and value creation. Never before has the potential for value been higher, and never before has the time to value been shorter, if you do the right things in the right order.

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there”

Data Advisory is a part of Data Services, and naturally of Tietoevry. Our primary mission is to support our customers in the use of Data Services offerings and capabilities. We do so in collaboration with other parts of Tietoevry – our internal partners, and a range of external domain experts. You get the benefit of one primary point of contact, who use our expertise on your behalf to ensure the different contributions are of quality and aligned both with each other and your needs.

 Internal partners - domain agnostic:

Tietoevry Connectthe sovereign data backbone of the Nordics, connecting a multi-cloud platform to accelerate customers’ cloud-native journeys and innovation at scale.We are fueling rapid software development and data innovation with strong security, scalability, speed and savings for your business.

Leading Nordic competence hub for Cloud, IT Security, Digital Sovereignty, AIOps, End User Services and Service Integration and Management.

Tietoevry Create - a leading accelerator for fast-paced digital innovation and sustainable value creation. Create combines business design with software engineering to bring customers’ digital business to life. A partner across the full process from defining the business rationale to creating solutions, Create help drive your innovation and decrease time-to-market.

Core areas of competence are Design and experience, Data AI and analytics, Advisory, design and innovation, Application development and management, and Software R&D.

Tietoevry Transform - drives enterprise-wide transformation across customers’ business processes, applications, and infrastructure. The number one choice for digital transformation, combining all our capabilities with the ones of selected partners. Powered by data and automation, we work closely with our customers to create business-centric and future-ready IT.

Through supporting business processes with modernized applications and infrastructure, we empower customers with efficiency and agility to transform the way they do business.


Internal partners – domain-specific:


Tietoevry Banking - delivers scalable and modular Banking as a Service and leading software built by unmatched industry expertise, accelerating the digital transformation of financial institutions. The future of financial services is digital and fast-moving. As your customers' demands evolve, stay one step ahead by transforming to digital first.

The backbone of banking software through solutions for Payments, Card services, Credit, Financial crime prevention, Capital markets and advisory, Open banking, Customer Experience & channels, ATMs, Digital insurance, and more.

Tietoevry Care - provides software solutions integrating the care value chain and the right insights in the right context putting citizens and patients at the center of modern health and social care. Care is modernizing the Nordic health and social care sector with modular, open, and interoperable software.

Care puts citizens and patients at the center, simplifying everyday life for all, and providing the tools required to transition towards increased self-and preventive care and lower cost-of-care settings.

Tietoevry Education - innovative digital education solutions simplify everyday life, providing a great user experience for everyone involved from guardians, teachers, and school management to decision makers.

Seamless digital platforms save time and help teachers focus on the most important part – bringing first-class learning to the young. At the same time, our digital solutions enable guardians and students to stay informed and have regular touchpoints with the school.

Tietoevry Energy & Utilities – contributing to a zero-carbon society by providing the digital tools and services that the energy industry and related stakeholders require to succeed in their business efforts.

Energy & Utilities provides next-generation energy industry solutions to digitilize value chain, improve customer experience, enhance business performance, improved usability, productivity, and empowered customers.

Tietoevry Public - Integrated solutions and tailored consultation for modern and citizen-centric services. Our digital solutions and modern services, coupled with our vast experience in working with the public sector, make us the right partner to couple up with to simplify the everyday life for everyone

Our philosophy is to create value for people and society with the right digital solutions and modern services so that together we can create a better future.

Tietoevry Pulp, Paper & Fibre - Demand for pulp, paper, and fiber products has exploded. In an industry defined by intense competition, PPF deliver successful business transformations and improved operational efficiencies.

The pulp, paper, and fiber industry is now banking on digital transformation to improve efficiencies across the ecosystem while eliminating inefficiencies in the value chain.

Sometimes 24 000, brilliant colleagues aren’t enough. To provide the very best support in our mission is to support our customers in harnessing value from data, including use of Data Services offerings and capabilities, we collaborate with a range of domain specialists, within and outside of Tietoevry, You get the benefit of one primary point of contact, who use our expertise on your behalf to ensure the different contributions are of quality and aligned both with each other and your needs.

These are examples from our extensive partner network:

Analytics and Machine Learning

SAS Institute – World leading analytics and data wrangling framework. Curiosity is our code. SAS analytics solutions transform data into intelligence, inspiring customers around the world to make bold new discoveries that drive progress.

Your inherent need to understand the world around you continually propels you forward. SAS speeds your journey toward discovery. Analytics is our story because it can redefine yours.

Neo4J - Solutions purpose-built to work with highly connected data, delivers lightning-fast performance, and enables powerful, actionable insights.

With Neo4j, you can map, store and traverse networks of highly connected data to reveal invisible contexts and hidden relationships. By intuitively analyzing data points and the connections between them, Neo4j powers intelligent, real-time applications that tackle today’s toughest challenges.

Cloud Capabilities

Basefarm - A leading European managed service provider for mission-critical IT. Basefarm is part of Orange Group and enable cloud transformation and digital innovation around the world. They create market leaders by integrating the key competencies for digital transformation – big data, cloud computing and information security, into one service offering.

Google Cloud Platform - a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive, and YouTube. Alongside a set of management tools, it provides a series of modular cloud services including computing, data storage, data analytics and machine learning

Microsoft Azure – the cloud computing service operated by Microsoft for application management via Microsoft-managed data centers. It provides software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and supports many different programming languages, tools, and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems.

Data Privacy and Legal Framework

Enkommafem - is a specialist law firm within renewable energy, infrastructure, and sustainability. We contribute to the 1.5-degree goal through long term collaboration with clients who have sustainability at the heart of their business.

They have experience from the most important and complex regulatory matters within the Norwegian renewables industry during the last 20 years, working with all levels of Norwegian and EU/EEA regulatory authorities.

Wiersholm - one of Norway’s leading and largest law firms, with expertise across all significant areas of business law. Skilled and dedicated people are our most important assets.

We work on behalf of clients who develop society, respect human rights and who aim to contribute to sustainable development. We provide clear, constructive and responsible advice and counseling. This is the basis for the relationships we build with our clients, and also crucial as to why our clients choose us – especially when the most critical issues are at stake.


Ducky – combines established behavioral science, fun and technology to mobilize individuals and organizations to take direct action. Customers use their tools to set a starting point by measuring current carbon footprint, attitudes, and knowledge about personal impact. Uncover the barriers that prevent change from happening.

Asplan Viak – is one of Norway's leading consulting companies in planning, architecture and engineering. Always holistic in their approach, and their business model is based on their expertise in all phases of a project. Asplan Viak believe that the most innovative and sustainable solutions arise through interdisciplinarity and not by working with each individual subject in isolation.

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