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Don't let growing data volumes lead to increasing costs and capacity issues

Get the tools you need to transform your existing system landscape. Read all about it below. 👇🏼

23.5.2023 / Copenhagen, Denmark
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Lunch seminar 11:30 - 13:00

Welcome to an inspiring event where you will find out more about how you can achieve the benefits of Archiving as a Service!

Do you want to know how to achieve compliance, cost savings and control by consolidating your business landscape? Archiving is the answer and Tietoevry's Archiving as a Service is the solution.

In conversations with Tietoevry's customers, many express that they experience challenges with increased infrastructure costs, low performance in business systems and that their legacy systems lack support options. The management and storage of important business information are of the uttermost importance for a company, both from a compliance perspective and to preserve the organization's historical data.

To help our customers, Tietoevry has created a commercialized service - Archiving as a Service. The archiving service aims to provide our customers with the tools needed to transform their existing system landscape and through this achieve the following important targets;

  • Lower infrastructure and license costs by migrating important data and documents out of legacy systems, shutting them down and archiving the business critical information.

  • Ensure compliance of the information by archiving the information in the ISO standard OAIS (Open Archival Information System) based solution.

  • Make data and documents available to the organization by consolidating multiple data sources into the same archiving solution with web-based access.


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For more information:

🇩🇰 Emil Trave Hansen: +45 53 56 59 21,

🇸🇪 Kristian Björlin:  +46 73 270 30 69,


Warm welcome!

Kristian Björlin and Team Create - Content management

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Kristian Björlin

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