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Time to Share: Cloud transformation laid a foundation for continuous business development at PMC Hydraulics

Watch our livecast to hear an inspiring transformation journey from the manufacturing industry.

10.11.2021 / Online, Finland
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Experts from PMC Hydraulics, Microsoft, and TietoEVRY fill you in on how the full ERP renewal and cloud transformation were successfully implemented. You’ll also hear what the Microsoft Manufacturing Cloud means and how it can support business development in the manufacturing sector.

PMC Hydraulics manufactures and distributes state-of-the-art hydraulic components and solutions for the manufacturing industry. Before, they had different operating models in different countries, with several ERPs and ways of managing critical product data.

To harmonize operations in five countries, PMC Hydraulics moved their ERP and data to cloud. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure, they now have a single ERP in a cloud environment to manage their data efficiently, better serve their industrial clients, and make data-driven business decisions.

The changes you will hear about:

  • Cloud transformation: PMC Hydraulics moved their ERP to cloud throughout several countries in 8 months and without great disruption to ongoing business operations.

  • Consolidation: With business in five countries, PMC Hydraulics harmonized and consolidated processes, ways of working, and product data.

  • Data utilization: With a cloud data platform, PMC Hydraulics can now utilize and analyze data in developing new services and making better business decisions.

  • Baltic rollout: Latest experiences and learnings from the rollout in Estonia.

  • Future-proof development: Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing enables streamlined operations and long-term business development.


Watch the recording!


Meet our speakers

Tuula Erolainen
Lead Product Manager, Data Platforms, TietoEVRY
Tuula is a devoted advocate of digital transformation whose passion and strengths lie in working closely together with customers. She has been involved in helping multiple customers finding new, alternative ways to streamline the exchange of their critical business information.
Anders Bäckman
CIO at PMC Hydraulics
Anders leads the PMC Hydraulics Group IT journey globally. His mission is to gain efficiency and higher quality of information assets through simplification and harmonization of the information infrastructure and tools.
Heikki Alho
Head of Microsoft Dynamics Global at TietoEVRY
Heikki is managing Microsoft Dynamics 365 globally at TietoEVRY. His team is committed to helping customers in their cloud transformation, having a proven delivery model, industry competence and excellent experience in delivering Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Nordic and Baltic countries.
Antti Koikkalainen
Senior Technical Specialist at Microsoft
Antti works as a business applications specialist at Microsoft. He helps customers to find value from Microsoft cloud solutions, push forward in digital transformation and make sense of all the buzz around it.
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