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ScaleUp 360° Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Europe

The digital summit for ADAS R&D experts

15 - 16.9.2021, Online
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We’re excited to join ScaleUp 360° Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Europe which is the digital summit for ADAS R&D experts. The event covers the latest on development, implementation & deployment of Future Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

Urban automated driving is facing a lot of challenges towards deployment. There is a big difference between demonstrating the technology and getting it safely to the street while taking liability for it. Cost-effectively achieving a targeted level of safety is one of the major challenges. From our experience in the V2X domain and its applications, we present an approach to harvest the technological advance in telecommunication as 5G in addition to edge computing to overcome this challenge and bring automated passenger vehicles safely to urban streets within a profitable business model.

16 Sept Solution Study

10-10.30 CET
Can we afford L3+ autonomous driving in urban traffic?

Get a better understanding of key challenges in urban automated driving which might be too big to face when only trying to solve them within vehicles. We present examples and new ideas on how to take a more holistic approach including other technologies and the surrounding environment that will significantly help to address those challenges and sets a foundation for a profitable business model.

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Mohamed Harb
Lead Product Manager, Automotive
Mohamed has over 16 years of experience in the Automotive sector within areas like power steering, engine control and L3/L4 Automated driving. With extensive experience in SW and System development, he has been leading cross-functional teams to bring safety-critical systems to the market.

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Adam Konopa

Automotive Business Development Manager


Mohamed Harb

Lead Product Manager, Automotive

Date and place

15 - 16.9.2021
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