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Certification for project, programme and portfolio managers

The need for qualified project managers is increasing, at the same time as the demands on them also increase. It is very common that organisations require that projects are led by certified project managers. Many project managers choose to get certified, the aim being to get proof of their knowledge and experience. This can also increase the ”value” of the project manager both within the company and on the market in general. The credibility of your organisation’s project activities will also increase in connection with project managers getting certified.

Certification is a validation of the existing skills and competencies, and also experience. Even if the certification, in itself, is not a form of training, the cortication process will involve studying, presentation and reflection regarding your knowledge and experiences. These are, in turn, important ingredients in a learning process.

Certification is made by an independent party and thereby results in the people who are to appoint a project manager can trust that you have the knowledge and experiences required for appointing a project manager. There are several different levels of certification, everything from purely theoretical knowledge evaluation, to certification regarding experience, leadership and situational behaviour.

Our training sessions are a good foundation for certification

Many project managers currently choose to become a certified project manager, the aim being to get acknowledgement of their knowledge and experiences. 

Our training programmes are registered by IPMA, this means that they are in line with this international standard. 

IPMA Registrerad

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