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Customer process design and consulting

We can help you with digital customer engagement and internal workflow design for excellent customer experience, improved operational efficiency and increased automation.

Excellent customer experience and efficient operations with data-driven process design

Customer experience is the sum of all interactions with your organization. Business processes often run through multiple functions but customers see you as one entity. Process design is a holistic practice crossing many functions and disciplines including data, tools, systems and documentation.

We are focused on customer facing processes and the internal work flow, systems, documentation, tools and data required to produce them.
Aleksi Kärkkäinen

Head of Advisory, Design & Innovation

Key capabilities

Improved customer experience with data-driven process design

We study your customer journeys and service production flows to identify touch points and flows that can be streamlined, digitized, automated or redesigned to improve the customer experience.

Structured method to analyze and design business processes

We live and breath business processes. We have extensive experience helping both public and private organizations improve the way people experience their brand and services. Contact us to discuss how we can help you

Effective collaboration in a hybrid business environment

We have developed a way of working together with our customers using modern web tools to quickly identify pain points and improvement opportunities. Resulting in both fun and effective collaboration together in a hybrid business environment.

Standardized method for graphical and textual documentation

A standardized way of documenting processes is crucial for efficient technical implementation, communication and change management. You will be able to understand and amend what we did in years to come.

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