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Need to get up to speed on cybersecurity?

How do you improve your cybersecurity? Do you wonder about the current cyber trends and threats? How about what motivates cybercriminals? Our Cybersecurity guidebook is a good place to start.

An increasing digital society also lead to higher security risks

We are accustomed to doing our banking and shopping online. Companies adopt new cloud services without blinking an eye. Our homes and cars have become parts of a network of sensors, known as the Internet of Things.

Modern societies, companies, public organizations, and individuals have grown heavily dependent on everything digital. This is why digital trust is an essential driver of all business.

Maria Nordgren

Head of Cybersecurity

Download Cybersecurity guidebook

An introduction to cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is essential in running and developing your business and maintaining good security is a never-ending process. Today security is an integral part of many corporate activities. If you want to know more about how to improve cybersecurity for your Company, then get up to speed and download our guidebook.

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