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What we look for

Find out what skills and competencies we look for when we hire!

Our company is growing and we are always looking for great people to join us. From a recruitment process perspective, we value your time and have utmost respect for it. So whether you leave the process with a job or not, we like to ensure that you return – either as a candidate again or recommend your friends who may be suitable for the role. Explore lucrative opportunities and begin your journey with Tietoevry India and learn about the competencies and employability skills that will help you grab a role with us.

Recruitment Team

Whether you are a coder, an architect, an experienced leadership professional or a strategist, our opportunities have clear requirements for all these expertise areas. We are constantly looking for someone who:

  • Enjoys programming and wants to write code
  • Can demonstrate analytical, logical and reasoning skills
  • Is naturally curious and a lifelong learner
  • Continually brings fresh ideas to the table 
  • Possesses strong technical acumen with expertise in multiple technology stacks, frameworks, and platforms
  • Can speak business vocabulary and draw experience from the domain knowledge to have meaningful discussions with the business stakeholders and articulate right decisions
  • Is interested in project delivery to demonstrate project management skills, project management tools, techniques and life cycle management

Some of the employability skills essential to join the journey at Tietoevry are

Positive attitude

We are looking for enthusiasts who can bring in positive qualities such as a collaborative spirit, an open-mindedness, and a flexible approach, along with a proactive attitude for taking responsibility and problem-solving.


We seek candidates who are extremely passionate about what they do. We, being a software development company, look for candidates who are enthusiastic and passionate about technology and are curious about future of technology.


We look for candidates who are able to overcome challenges and problems, stays positive and can motivate others to keep going.


Great communication skill is an absolute must have in a potential hire. Good communication skill is vital for professionals to express their thoughts during a project delivery to others for better collaboration.


Being a great team player is a huge consideration as it is important for a professional to fit well and work collaboratively well within a team on a project.


Someone who can take initiatives and can drive a task on its own is an important skill we look for in a potential hire. One of the key things that we are looking for is agility, flexibility, people that are open to change, willingness to learn, adapt and be curious.

Problem solving and decision making

A person who can demonstrate the ability to use knowledge, facts, and data to effectively solve problems, someone who can think on their feet, assess problems, and find solutions.


We look for effective leaders who can help build strong teams within business and ensure projects, initiatives or other work functions are performed successfully. Broad skill areas that are key for leaders include strategic thinking, planning and delivery, people management, change management, communication, and persuasion and influencing.

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