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Lifecare Open Platform - for big and small ideas in healthcare

Lifecare Open Platform is a catalyst for new innovations and incremental transformation in healthcare systems.

Elevate the investments of monolithic one-size-all systems

Lifecare Open Platform addresses the challenges and pain points faced by healthcare providers in managing patient data effectively. It is a cutting-edge digital healthcare platform that complements existing healthcare systems, bringing together all patient information in one place.

Based on openEHR and by utilizing structured data, Lifecare Open Platform compiles and presents patient data from various sources such as medical records, laboratory information systems, and patient-reported data in a seamless user experience. ​

By allowing customization and adaptation according to the business's unique needs Lifecare Open Platform empowers caregivers, enhances the care recipient experience, and meets the diverse needs of different healthcare providers.
Helena Vramming

Senior Sales Manager, Lifecare Open Platform


Lifecare Open Platform - for big and small ideas in healthcare

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Putting you in the driver's seat

Standardized structured data minimizes over-documentation

Based on openEHR

Standardized structured data minimizes over-documentation

Build, adapt and manage your digital ecosystem in an optimal way

Low-code development

Build, adapt and manage your digital ecosystem in an optimal way

Single sign-on and patient context management


Single sign-on and patient context management

Features to help your work

Tailored workflows for optimal efficiency

Imagine a world where doctors and nurses have the power to decide which patient data is presented in a specific situation. With Lifecare Open Platform, this becomes a reality. By allowing healthcare professionals to customize their workflows, you put them in control, enabling them to reduce excess documentation and minimize time spent searching for information. This means increased efficiency, security, and improved patient care.

Own your patient data

One of the key benefits of Lifecare Open Platform is that you own your patient data. Unlike other systems where the data is controlled by external entities, Lifecare Open Platform ensures that you own your data. This not only gives you peace of mind but also allows for easier collaboration and seamless integration with other health systems.

Built on the openEHR standard

Lifecare Open Platform provides a unified, flexible, and interoperable framework for storing and sharing health data. Applications and modules from various vendors can be brought together for a seamless user experience. No more logging into multiple systems or searching for patient data in different places – you have access to all your health systems by signing on only once. Say goodbye to data silos and hello to a connected care ecosystem.

A catalyst for innovation

Lifecare Open Platform is not just an adaptable solution; it's a catalyst for innovation. Utilizing low-code development you can shape the platform according to your unique requirements and workflows, promoting a culture of innovation within your healthcare ecosystem. With Lifecare Open Platform, you have the tools to turn your small and big ideas into reality fast and at a low cost.

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