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Multichannel boosts businesses' international reach

Discover how our Multichannel solution supports businesses in expanding internationally. From adapting and meeting specific market needs to seamless international integration.

Odd Egil Orøy / May 03, 2024

Multichannel solution goes beyond borders, allowing our customers to navigate the complexities of international commerce with ease.

As many of our customers expand their reach beyond traditional markets, the need for a comprehensive Multichannel solution that spans across borders has never been greater. Annually, we distribute approximately 20 million documents to countries outside of the Nordics. Multichannel is a document processing platform that creates, routes, and keeps track of documents going from businesses to consumers.

- We are proud to be the partner of choice supporting the international presence for many of our customers and seamlessly managing their Multichannel operations across diverse international markets, saying Odd Egil Orøy, Product Manager Tietoevry.

New horizons with international reach

Our commitment of providing Multichannel solution goes beyond borders, allowing our customers to navigate the complexities of international commerce with ease. Here's how we're leading the way as the premier provider of Multichannel solution for businesses expanding internationally:

  • Tailored Multichannel Solution: We understand that each market has its unique dynamics and consumer preferences. That's why we offer a tailored Multichannel solution that is adapted to meet the specific market requirements, so our clients can easily venture into new territories.
  • Unified Partner Ecosystem: As a trusted partner, we offer Nordic businesses access to a unified ecosystem of partners and service providers worldwide. Our extensive network enables seamless integration and collaboration across borders, empowering businesses to operate efficiently and effectively in any market.
  • Consistent Customer Experience: At the heart of our Multichannel solution is a commitment to deliver a consistent and exceptional customer experience across all touchpoints, regardless of geographical location. By leveraging advanced technologies and data-driven insights, we help Nordic businesses maintain brand consistency and build lasting relationships with customers worldwide.
  • Strategic Growth Partnerships: Our focus extends beyond providing the Multichannel solution – we forge strategic partnerships with Nordic businesses to support their long-term growth objectives on a global scale. Whether it's identifying new market opportunities, optimizing supplier management, or enhancing digital capabilities, we are dedicated to driving sustainable growth and success for our clients.
  • Seamless International Expansion: With our extensive global network and expertise in international markets, we facilitate seamless expansion for Nordic businesses into new geographies. From navigating regulatory compliance to overcoming language and cultural barriers, we provide the necessary support to ensure a smooth transition and accelerated growth on a global scale.


We support you in your global journey

With our comprehensive Multichannel solution and unwavering support, we are truly the bridge that connects businesses to success on a global scale. Learn how we assisted Entercard in their international expansion and the development of their Digital Hub, read full customer story here.

Contact us today and discover how our innovative Multichannel solution can drive your success internationally.

Odd Egil Orøy
Product Manager

Odd Egil holds more than 20 years’ experience from the industry and has worked both as a Product Manager, Business developer and Business manager. His focus is to lead the service development of the Multichannel billing and payment service to digitalize and streamline companies' document and invoice distribution in Nordic digital B2C and B2B channels, as well as seamlessly integrate digital and physical document distribution.

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