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How Entercard increased its rate of digitization while adjusting to customers’ individual needs

The company’s new platform has digitized and streamlined the invoice process, and created individual solutions for two million customers.

16 March 2021

“In the course of my career, I’ve experienced the transition from paper-based to digital solutions,” explains Dag Bjanes, head of Card Operations at Entercard.

Bjanes has worked with credit cards throughout his 30-year career. Today, he responsible for ensuring all Entercard’s credit cards work as intended. This means managing a complex ecosystem with a variety of functions and players.

With the help of TietoEVRY’s digital HUB solution, Entercard has digitized and simplified its processes for invoicing and customer management. This has benefited no less than two million customers.

“We constantly strive to adjust to our customers’ needs and make our services more digital,” says Bjanes. “Customers can now choose how they want to receive their invoice.”

A new, common digital platform for distribution

Entercard chose TietoEVRY as a partner when deciding to implement a new digital distribution strategy. Together we’ve created a new platform named Digital Hub.

The platform works in all the countries where Entercard operates. This makes it easier for the company to offer new services and digital distribution channels to the customer, while making the implementation of new solutions run faster and more smoothly.

Together, we’ve also created a new control tool for Entercard that ensures quality in all deliveries.

Entercard customers can now – among other things – receive documents in their preferred channel, i.e. directly to their online bank, on their phone, or through their physical mailbox. The quality and the time of delivery is faster and easier than before.

“The new platform supports the navigation and development of our new solutions, making our services even better,” says Bjanes.

We can operate across the entire value chain

“Entercard’s new hub works as a one-stop-shop,” says TietoEVRY sales manager Rune Gjørøy, who has been working closely with Entercard.

“For Entercard, this means they get one single place for all activity: One place to deliver data, one place to make changes,” says Gjørøy. “This creates a more globalized way of working, saving the company money, increasing efficiency and creating a better experience for their customers.”

Since the implementation of the digital hub, the level of digitization has increased in all the countries where Entercard operates. The team from TietoEVRY consists of advisors with knowledge of all markets where Entercard operates.

“We want to challenge our customers to think big,” says Gjørøy. “Within the multi-channel solution, there are a lot of things happening and our goal is to help our customers succeed in all markets.”

“As a proactive player, we suggest exactly how they can proceed with their business operations using the best technology available. This takes shape as cost efficiency, increased digitization and frictionless customer dialogue,” he says.

We support digital ambitions

Entercard also gets a good price for the documents still being sent in paper. As we work with a large variety of vendors, we can offer cost-competitive delivery solutions.

In Bjanes’s opinion, the collaboration works well.

“TietoEVRY supports us in our digital ambitions,” he says. “The advisors from TietoEVRY know the entire market we operate in. We are talking about thorough specialists with competencies stretching across the entire value chain – from developing and running the digital platform for invoicing, to card production and the prevention of card fraud.”

“All this makes it easy for us to continuously choose elements from the value chain to improve where and when we need to,” says Bjanes.

Advantage 1: Increased rate of digitization

By leveraging TietoEVRY’s multi-channel solution, Entercard increased their rate of digitization in several countries. In Denmark, the rate is 100%, in Norway over 90%, and in Sweden it has increased from 20% to around 45%. This boosts Entercard’s sustainability profile as well.

Advantage 2: Easier to create new services

By simplifying and implementing a digital platform that works in all countries, more time is left for creating and implementing new functions, solutions and services.

Advantage 3: Increased control and quality

By digitizing invoice and mail distribution through our TietoEVRY multi-channel, Entercard gets a faster and more cost-efficient solution, along with increased control and quality.

About Entercard: With two million customers, Entercard is one of the Nordic region’s leading credit providers. The company offers flexible loans and credit cards through partners and through its own brand, re:member. Entercard’s goal is to make its customers’ everyday easier by offering smart and safe solutions.

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