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Nordic Data Index Survey: Unleashing the potential of data

Uncover Nordic Data Index Survey findings: 400 Nordic companies share how data is valued and used for business success, revealing challenges faced and opportunities. Download report below!

Gry Elisabeth Arnesen / January 19, 2024
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When developments are rapid, changes in society and business happen quickly – and on multiple levels. The focus on data as a resource and a foundation for digitization, decisions, and processes is not new.

With the introduction of ChatGPT and, subsequently, more artificial intelligences, awareness of the value of the data many businesses possess without realizing it has increased significantly. And language data is only half the story. As artificial intelligences become smarter, all types of data become more valuable as a learning foundation for increased insight, new solutions, and services in society and business.

Unveiling the power of data with Data Index Report

The background for the Data Index Report lies in the growing understanding in both the business sector and the public sector of the value associated with data as a resource. Well-organized and managed data provides insights that inform decisions, increase efficiency, and drive innovation.

Data Index Report is based on the answers from nearly 400 Nordic respondents in a survey conducted by Tietoevry Data Platforms in 2023. The goal of the survey is to understand how these respondents and the organizations they work for perceive the value of data. How they handle data sharing, laws and regulations related to data and data sharing, as well as digital communication internally and with external parties.

Some findings from the Data Index report

  • In the Data Index Report, a large majority of respondents express a positive attitude towards sharing data for societal purposes. However, it is essential to remember that commercial activities and associated data can also contribute to improving society. The healthcare sector is a good example. A blend of personal data, information from healthcare institutions, input from municipalities, and private providers together lay the foundation for new, more personalized, and efficient healthcare services in the Nordic region.

This aligns well with the broader picture as perceived by Tietoevry Data Platforms in the market and the maturity in the Nordic region. The technological ability to leverage data in general and build AI solutions, in particular, lags behind the ambitions and desired development for many.

  • The Tietoevry Data Platforms Data Index Report depicts a Nordic business landscape where understanding the value of its own data is relatively strong. However, the potential associated with mapping, knowledge about data and data quality, management, and utilization still remains significant.

However, there is no reason to despair. Businesses that have recognized the potential of their own data and aspire to realize it are already in a favourable position. With a good partner, it is entirely possible to bridge the gap between ambitions and the ability to realize them.

  • The Data Index Report reveals a business environment that is becoming increasingly aware of the values already present within the organization and the significant values that can be realized by leveraging data.

The key to success is doing the groundwork, in the form of data mapping and preparing internal data. Then, collaborate with entities that enhance the value of your own data and suppliers that can provide infrastructure, solutions, and the necessary expertise and experience.

Data is a renewable resource

Thinking innovatively, thinking on a larger scale, and viewing innovation and value creation related to data as a collective project for businesses, the public sector, and policymakers are therefore the first steps towards a strong position for the Nordic region, built on good data solutions, proper regulations, and our values.

However, it also requires that ambitions are backed by investments and a willingness to allocate financial resources to excel and perhaps be the best in this field.

Contact us to leverage the opportunities around data

If you wish to discuss how your business can map, manage, and exploit the resource that data represents – and how Tietoevry Data Services can assist you – please contact for a talk. We empower businesses and societies to harness the endless possibilities for value in data. 

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Gry Elisabeth Arnesen
Head of Data Services, Tietoevry Industry


Gry Elisabeth Arnesen

Head of Data Services, Tietoevry Industry

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