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Unleash the power of interactivity, payment flexibility, and relevant communication

Gain new insights into the changing world of payments and invoicing with our new whitepaper - The future of payments: trends and technology.

Pernilla Hurtig / September 15, 2023

Explore the Future of Payments and Invoicing

Just think back 10 years - payments and invoicing were a straightforward affair. But times have changed, and now we pay in various ways, sometimes on a monthly basis. Customer freedom and options have increased dramatically, and businesses must adapt to meet these needs.

The EU has implemented several directives to improve payment processes and promote real-time payments, including the Open Banking initiative. Despite the Nordic attempts with the P27 project, it has been discontinued, and instead, Sweden plans to modernize Bankgiro to comply with EU directives. The EU has also introduced Request to Pay as the standard for e-invoicing, opening up opportunities for new services and players. To simplify matters for both businesses and end customers, it is important to use tools that integrate invoices, offers, and relevant information in a user-friendly manner and leverage digital insights to enhance customer communication.

The future of payments: trends and technology

In our new whitepaper, authored by Pernilla Hurtig, we share insights into the evolving world of payments and invoicing.

We explore:

  • Customer preferences and behaviors.
  • Digital payment options like Swish and open banking.
  • Responsive design for a smoother user experience.
  • EU directives impacting the industry.
  • Future prospects such as Live Invoice.

At Tietoevry, we have years of experience in invoice management and payments, and we strive to make life easier for both businesses and customers.

Download the whitepaper now to explore the possibilities of the future in payments and invoicing!

Download whitepaper now


Pernilla Hurtig
Senior Sales Manager

Pernilla has worked for over 20 years in sales and business development in various leadership roles within banking and finance in the Nordic region. She also has extensive experience in fintech and startups and has served on several boards, taking companies to the stock market. Pernilla joined Tietoevry in November 2021.


Pernilla Hurtig

Senior Sales Manager

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