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The importance of balancing change – meet The Cognitive Enterprise

The Cognitive Enterprise is the collective minds of thousands of customers, with thousands of dreams and ambitions, and thousands of solutions on how to succeed in digital transformation.

Niclas Hansson / March 14, 2022
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There are those who enthusiastically embrace change without a second thought. Then there are those who take a bit longer to come around to the idea of something new.

Most of us like to believe we’re one of the former, but in all honesty, most of us are more or less reluctant to change – whether we like it or not. The Cognitive Enterprise isn’t here to change people, it’s here to help you harvesting all their potential and meet your future challenges.

People are generally cautious to change. There are many reasons for this cautiousness, or skepticism, not least of all because we’re conditioned to fear the unknown. People who voice these concerns (more or less subtly) are usually labeled as hard to work with, but I disconcur; people that are reluctant to make the necessary changes have simply not been given the necessary information to understand why the change needs to come about – and that’s on you.


The importance of balance

Any successful digital transformation needs to rely on three pillars humans, technology, and business. When an organization embarks on a digital transformation journey, it’s essential that all three pillars are given the same attention. Too many times, we’ve seen organizations and businesses put all their focus on technology, thinking that the business-pillar and human-pillar will follow suit as the technology is implemented. In the absolute majority of cases, this approach will fail. And in the rest of the cases, you’d have been more successful if you’d put equal emphasis on all three pillars. Technology is an essential part of the desired state that is the Cognitive Enterprise, but technology doesn’t stand on its own legs – you need to balance all three pillars to make a successful digital transformation.

How to balance all three pillars

The second wave of digitalization and Industry 4.0

Firstly, I’d like to make it perfectly clear that these insights regarding how to become a Cognitive Enterprise owe thanks to our customers. Our methodology on how to become a Cognitive Enterprise comprises our customers’ challenges, struggles, and stories on what approach worked, and what didn’t work. As the Cognitive Enterprise is all about succeeding in entering the second wave of digitalization, our mission is to help others to adapt to the increasingly demanding markets and challenging circumstances of Industry 4.0. Simply put, you need to become a Cognitive Enterprise to stay agile and harvest the opportunities that lie in your data.

Secondly, if you haven’t already downloaded our point of view – Why and How You Should Turn Your Organization into a Cognitive Enterprise, I strongly suggest you do so now to learn more and prepare your organization for what lies ahead.

Download our point of view

Niclas Hansson
Head of Strategy, Tietoevry Create Sweden


Niclas Hansson

Head of Strategy, Tietoevry Create Sweden

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