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A positive environment, great colleagues, and exciting opportunities made me return to Tietoevry

In less than four years, Sanna Beilinson has progressed from a Young Professional to the Head of Cloud Business Development, now she is responsible for productizing new services.

Sanna Beilinson / November 16, 2021

In less than four years, Sanna Beilinson has progressed from a Young Professional to the Head of Cloud Business Development at Tietoevry. Now she is responsible for productizing new services.

One of the most memorable interactions during my four years at Tietoevry was when my manager asked me, “Sanna, what kind of project would you like to be involved with next? What would support your personal development?”

Those questions embody the principles by which I have progressed in my career – and what is best at Tietoevry, the company is an enabler. The rest is really up to you.

A short break made me appreciate the colleagues and opportunities at Tietoevry

I came to Tietoevry in 2017 through a Young Professionals program as an SAP consultant, practically joining an entirely new industry. I have a master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration and previous experience in management consulting and project management – but not in IT. I’ve always been passionate about learning and embracing new things, so at Tietoevry I quickly progressed into project management, and after a few years, I became the Delivery Lead of Public Cloud Finland.

Last spring, I decided to accept an interesting offer from another company, but I soon started missing the strong work community and the opportunities at Tietoevry. After six months, I returned to Tietoevry in a new role in developing new public cloud services. I was a bit nervous about how I would be welcomed as a returnee, but the reception from both coworkers and clients was extremely warm. Microsoft Finland choosing Tietoevry as Partner of the Year in 2021 also showed that our hard work was paying off and this further validated my decision to come back. It was clear I had made the right decision.

Awesome coworkers and supportive work environment is often taken for granted. I think Tietoevry’s atmosphere and work community is very rare. We have a strong drive to move forward, develop, and be the best in the market. In addition, I have also always felt I am supported, and we are always willing to help each other.

Not all projects are right for your career, so choose the ones that are

At Tietoevry, we have different learning paths for different roles, but we can also influence our own paths. You only need to have the courage to ask in order to grow. We have a lot of training opportunities to choose from —including customized ones - and capability development is highly supported. Here, those who are ambitious and willing to work hard, are noticed and in my experience, are also given the opportunity to advance their careers. I have always been able to join interesting initiatives, and this is also how I have been able to continuously develop myself.

Our Cloud Anywhere unit particularly emphasizes self-management, which can also sometimes be challenging. When opportunities are made available, you must be careful with taking on too much. On the other hand, in my own experience, Tietoevry leaders also support in selecting work that is beneficial for your personal growth.
“Sanna, there’s a project available, but it would not help you grow,” is something one of my managers told me, which left a lasting impression. 

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To stay on top, you need to have a mindset of growth

My role in the Cloud Anywhere unit is to identify and develop new business opportunities and services for customers. Public cloud is a fast-growing and fast-evolving business, and you must have almost a start-up -like mindset in order to stay up-to-date. I feel that at Tietoevry, I get the opportunity to truly work with something new as well as have an impact in how we operate internally.

I don’t want to sell products to customers; I want to offer them solutions with true value. This, I feel is also the principle and the collective goal of Tietoevry. My experience on the delivery side also helps me to understand what is realistic. I don’t like overpromising, which is why I sometimes need to disagree with a customer. However, I strongly believe that exactly those honest interactions are the ones that increase trust between us.

In the end, it is working with great people that inspires me the most. I enjoy being able to genuinely help customers in their businesses. I am motivated by learning and making a difference, whether it is by supporting a co-worker’s well-being or a successful delivery to a customer.

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Sanna Beilinson
Head of Cloud Business Development

Since 2017, when Sanna joined Tietoevry through our Young Professional program, she has been a consultant, Project Manager, and a Delivery Lead. Now she is designing new Cloud services for customers as Head of Cloud Business Development – one of the most evolving business area.  In her spare time she loves to travel and spending time outdoors as well as climbing!


Sanna Beilinson

Head of Cloud Business Development

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