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Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021 is over, but the work continues

Maria Nordgren / October 29, 2021

I cannot believe how fast time flies! Cyber Security Awareness Month 2021 is now over. But work on cybersecurity is never over. In fact, it is more and more becoming an integral part of our lives.

Back in the days when the world was young, plugging in an antivirus appliance to your network was all it took to be secure. But no more. As digitalization is everywhere, so must cybersecurity be everywhere. But at the same time, digital services need to be user friendly.

So, on the one hand, security must be baked into software starting from the first development steps; this is known as the ‘shift left’ trend, or DevSecOps. On the other hand, applications need to be user friendly an intuitive, so that they get used and are secure at the same time.

DevSec Ops becomes increasingly important

As our new strategy outlines, “Expansion will focus on cloud-native services, data & software engineering and scalable software businesses.” As everything is software to a bigger and bigger extent, DevSec Ops becomes increasingly important – as does user friendliness. They cannot be at the different ends of the spectrum; they must coexist.

To reiterate what I also said in the beginning of October: To be successful in cybersecurity, we need to balance technology and humans. The abovementioned coexistence is one aspect on this.

Stay safe and cybersecure! I am happy to discuss this topic further, so let’s be in touch!

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Maria Nordgren
Tietoevry alumni


Maria Nordgren

Tietoevry alumni

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