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Cyber Security Awareness Month 2021 is on – and it is everyone’s business

It is, again, that time of the year: Cyber Security Awareness Month - from the citizen and consumer to big organizations.

Maria Nordgren / September 30, 2021

It is, again, that time of the year: Cyber Security Awareness Month! Summarizing from a blog post by my colleague Peter Österdahl, it is increasingly clear that security is everyone’s business, from the citizen and consumer to big organizations.

Read Peter Österdahl's blog post Security is everyone’s business

Digital trust is an essential driver of all business. In the digital world, you must place your trust in many different actors. Security is a continuous and all-encompassing process that involves all actors in the society. Everyone can do their part in helping to ensure that our digital world is safe and secure, so that we all can enjoy its benefits with as low a risk level as possible.

Too often, technology is considered to be either the problem or the solution. To be successful in cybersecurity, we need to balance technology and humans. We cannot depend on either alone. All parties – ranging from the citizens-consumer to organizations - have in their hands the elements which they must secure as best as possible to make the digital world work. Let us all do so, and keep doing so.

Stay tuned for more posts on different aspects of cyber security during October!

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Maria Nordgren
Head of Cybersecurity

Maria is an entrepreneur and manager with more than twenty years of experience in innovation of technology products, and bringing them to the global market. She is Head of Tietoevry Cybersecurity. Maria holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Helsinki.

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