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3 reasons why you need Workday Extend and where to start?

You can achieve great things with Workday HCM and/or Finance, but what to do when your business needs to go beyond its standard capabilities? Simply Extend!

Puneet Nigam / July 13, 2021
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Implementing Workday Extend enables you to get applications tailored to your business needs while staying within Workday´s unified platform.

At Tietoevry we strive to support our clients´ business with the latest and the greatest business application technologies, therefore, we are delighted that Tietoevry has become one of the first Nordic Workday Extend partners. This status enables us to help you leveraging the custom applications provided by Workday delivered tools and gain new insights into your Human Capital Management and Financial Management.

After implementing Workday there are business scenarios where your needs may exceed the capabilities of the standard application suite. That’s where the true value of Extend comes into play.

Why should you choose Extend?

There are a host of things Extend can do for you. Here are 3 reasons why companies with Workday should consider implementing Extend:

  1. You and your Workday partner can create custom applications that are tailored to your specific business needs and still run on Workday. You can build customizable pages, modules, tasks, etc. to reach a new level of managing your finance and HR.
  1. With Extend your custom applications will maintain one consistent user experience. Workday standard functionalities and your custom applications will have the same look and feel as they follow the Workday UI standards.
  1. Your new custom applications can interact with Workday data and external data sources. In Workday the data is stored as unique business objects used with specialized business processes and security domains. Applications can launch event-driven and automated processes across Workday and third-party systems. There can also be external applications that run outside the tenant and directly access Workday data.

Does it sound interesting? Let´s have a look at the next steps…


Where to start?

There are several questions to think about before implementing Extend. What is the functionality you are looking for? Does Workday already have it or is it in the future roadmap? Will the needed solution be solvable with Extend? Is third-party technology required?

Once you decide to move forward, you can take the next plunge and involve the in-depth expertise of both the functional and technical consultants to understand the business requirements and technical know-how to deliver it seamlessly. Tietoevry´s Workday Extend experts are at your service to help you build the use cases, implement Extend and build the applications for you.

Tietoevry as your Workday Extend partner

Tietoevry experts are always here to support you from the early design discussions. For example, if access to Workday data is required, which REST API you can call from the custom application? If your application needs to access external data sources, how do we ensure that they provide third-party REST APIs with supported authentication types?

Tietoevry experts are ready to partner up with you to get you up and running. Are you interested to learn more about Workday Extend or do you have any other burning questions? Please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Tietoevry as a happy Workday customer

At Tietoevry we are a Workday customer ourselves and we have decided to implement Workday Extend to develop in-house custom applications for our own use. Extend is giving us the opportunity to constantly solve challenging scenarios and improve the work lives of our 24.000 employees. We are successfully utilizing “The Unified Platform” of Workday and we can recommend it to our clients as well.

We will share more information about our Workday Extend use cases later this year. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this exciting journey and stay tuned for more updates.

Interested in finding out more? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly guide you with your Workday Implementation or help with your existing setup. 

Puneet Nigam
Tietoevry Alumni, former Head of HCM India

Certified integration and HCM functional consultant with a variety of experience within the Workday area. 


Puneet Nigam

Tietoevry Alumni, former Head of HCM India


Tietoevry Workday Services


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