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Podcast: Why is Open RAN so important to the Mobile Industry?

Join us to listen to the Open Radio Access Networks podcast episode with Intel® Conversations in the Cloud.

Mats Eriksson / May 25, 2021

The transformation of the mobile industry with Open RAN (Radio Access Networks) technology aims to standardize networking industry interfaces and support interoperation between different vendors' equipment. Listen to the episode with Mats Eriksson and Jake Smith, Intel® Conversations in the Cloud host.

Mats discusses the importance and impact of Open RAN, the services TietoEVRY provides, the FlexRAN offerings with Intel, and optimizations with OpenNESS and OpenVINO. Mats explains why Amara's law might apply to the mobile industry and what that means for the global market.

Grab the tips below to listen to the episode:

0:44 Talking about the transformations that are happening in the mobile industry with the 5G rollout.

2:15 Why is Open RAN so important for the wireless industry? Read also the white paper: Is Open RAN the silver-bullet for the wireless industry?

4:48 How TietoEVRY’s team has been working with Intel and what are the interesting areas of research around 5G and Open RAN?

7:35 How does the FlexRAN offerings with Intel relate to Open RAN?

9:06 What does the future hold?

Read more about Open RAN and Virtual RAN development.

Intel® Conversations in the Cloud is a biweekly podcast with IT leaders who are driving the future of a software-defined infrastructure based data center. Featuring members of the Intel® Builders programs, Intel experts, and industry analysts, this recurring podcast series provides information on delivering, deploying, and managing cloud computing, technology, and services in the data center and enterprise.


Mats Eriksson
Business Development Lead

Mats Eriksson leads business development and sales in the telecom and radio access sector in Tietoevry Product Development Services. He has previously co-founded technology companies and held managerial positions in various companies. He has a background in academia where he was in charge of a research cooperation institute and founded an EU innovation initiative.

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