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Evolving importance of SIAM during times of accelerated digital transformation

Veli Pirttiaho / April 26, 2021

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) has an integral part in customers IT ecosystems, but what is next? We are evolving from ‘SIAM for IT’ towards ‘Intelligent SIAM for Digital Business and Automated Service Management. Find out when the SIAM story began and the importance of SIAM during times of accelerated digital transformation.

It was 5 years ago when the question was brought up in our very first Service Integration and Management (SIAM) customer seminar in Finland 2016; “Is SIAM here to stay or just a passing theme?”. There was much confusion about whether SIAM is actually something new, whether it will last, or even whether it is something relevant.

SIAM was not yet well established in the Nordic market at the time, however customer demand from specific SIAM services were starting to appear. The question at the time was - will SIAM represent yet another new fancy consulting term or even hype, disappearing as so many other trends in the IT sector? Now, after 5 years we can see what really happened.

In general terms - The awareness of the term SIAM has increased

When looking back and reflecting on current topics with our customers, it looks like the same challenges are still valid for multi-vendor IT ecosystem management and service integration.

The awareness of the term SIAM framework and it's sourcing models have spread during those 5 years. In our experience working with the Nordic market, we find the need and request for SIAM services much more frequently today thanks to the improved maturity of developed SIAM offerings and deliveries in market.

From our perspective

We started the TietoEVRY SIAM journey in 2016 - developing the 1st generation SIAM concept and offering – since followed with great customer satisfaction have expanding the offerings from real life learning utilizing best practices and certified professional team .

Half-way through 2021, I can proudly say that TietoEVRY SIAM service practice engages over 20 customers from industries such as manufacturing, retail & logistics, financial & public sector, serviced by our team in the Nordic countries, adding the flexibility of near and offshore model and resources to secure geographical and competence fit for the business case of our customers.

Core of SIAM is professionalism, attitude to serve with high quality and trusted co-operation in the customer IT ecosystem, where around 100 SIAM certified professionals in 6 countries globally serve satisfied customers. Most importantly, that customers can see that SIAM brings value to the value chain in their IT ecosystem. With this I see the increased importance of professional SIAM, where SIAM makes many new choices and opportunities possible going forward.

SIAM has developed and become an integral part in customer’s IT organizations. Next generation SIAM embraces the opportunities in combining modern DevOps operating model. Other cross-functional topics will raise up as well – SIAM & Cloud, SIAM & IOT, SIAM & Security and we will even see strong connection between SIAM tooling area & AIOps.

We are moving from ‘SIAM for IT’ towards ‘Intelligent SIAM for Digital Business and Automated Service Management.’

The question is not if SIAM is here to stay – the question is more ‘what role may SIAM play for the combined IT and non-IT functions from a business development perspective and transformations?

Learn more by visiting the SIAM website.

Veli Pirttiaho
Head of SIAM Services, Tietoevry Tech Services


Veli Pirttiaho

Head of SIAM Services, Tietoevry Tech Services

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