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Two reasons why SAP S/4HANA Outsourcing certification matters when bridging the digital gap

Tieto is the first service provider in the Nordics to achieve the certification for SAP Applications Operations for S/4HANA.

Auli Peltola / May 21, 2019

– Time to celebrate another SAP S/4HANA milestone.

Would you trust a dentist without qualified training? What about if your dish washer breaks down and water starts leaking on your wood floor. Who would you prefer to call to fix the problem?

The job of helping companies maximize user experiences and speed up processes in the digital age is clearly more complex than the scenarios above. But the same basic principle applies – we all prefer to use certified experts with proven skills and capabilities, whatever their field of expertise.

That’s why, over the past five years, Tieto has embarked on a journey to certify as many of our SAP-based portfolio services as possible. And it’s time to celebrate yet another important achievement.

New certification success: SAP Applications Operations for S/4HANA

Tieto has more than 25 years’ experience of solving problems for customers and enabling their businesses to run smoothly, while empowering them using next generation technologies in the SAP toolbox. With over 800 SAP consultants, we’re the frontrunner in S/4-enabled digital core renewals in the Nordic region.

We are proud to announce our new level of certification – this time for SAP Applications Operations which relates to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for S/4HANA. Once again Tieto is the first service provider in the Nordics to achieve this level of certification. And it comes at an opportune moment as more and more companies begin to recognize the transformative impact of SAP S/4HANA on business operations.

The ALM certification for S/4HANA follows two previous milestones for Tieto in the world of SAP. In 2016, we implemented the first SAP S/4HANA project in the Nordics, completing the task in just ten weeks for a customer in the forestry industry. Then, in 2017, we became the only service provider worldwide to achieve a Gold certificate for SAP Application Lifecycle Management.

Full stack capabilities – carefree assistance

How will our certification for SAP applications benefit you as a customer? For a start, it means that the way we deliver SAP S/4HANA application projects has received the highest stamp of approval. But it also goes further to include our full stack capabilities.

The audit confirmed that all of our processes and methodologies follow SAP’s best practices which also includes our infrastructure services. This significantly reduces risks, particularly escalating costs, that you might be exposed to in the transition to SAP S/4HANA.

The feedback from SAP’s auditor was very positive stating that Tieto’s maturity level is “comparable to any global provider.”

At its simplest, choosing a certified SAP partner allows you to do two things:

Stay ahead of the curve: any glitches in the transition to cutting edge SAP technology not only results in high costs but also lost time, business and innovation capacity, which increases the likelihood of falling behind competitors. Choosing a certified SAP S/4HANA partner helps you to mitigate these risks.

Broaden the horizon: Focus on developing your business in the digital era without worrying about obstacles such as data integration. With a certified partner you can rely on continuous support from an internationally recognized SAP provider.

Our next step on this exciting certification journey is the SAP DevOps certification – watch this space. 

Auli Peltola
Expert Partner Data Analytics and API Management

Auli is managing the SAP Application Lifecycle Management business at Tieto globally including a team of 300 professionals in the Nordic countries, Czech Republic, Poland and India. The team is committed to deliver excellent SAP Application Management and Development services for Tieto’s customers in different industries.

Her passion is to drive customer value in all actions and execute high quality and innovations with an inspired team.


Auli Peltola

Expert Partner Data Analytics and API Management

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