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50 years of shaping the future

Five decades in building the Nordic society and the global IT industry.

Tietoevry at your service / May 08, 2018

Five decades in building the Nordic society and the global IT industry has formed an extraordinary base for our ambition to create increasing value for all our stakeholders – including our employees, customers, partners and investors.

Today, we are among the most significant technology companies in the world. Only 14 companies from Europe were nominated onto the Thomson Reuters’ TOP 100 list, three of which were from the Nordics. We were one of them. 

Riding the waves of digital disruption

Our journey began in 1968, when the Union Bank of Finland founded Tietotehdas to develop and maintain IT systems for themselves, their customers and a few forest industry companies. Enator, which became the foundation of Tieto’s Swedish branch, was established the very same year.

The merge of these two Nordic giants in 1999 formed Tieto (named TietoEnator until 2009), among with many smaller acquisitions throughout the years. 

During our time, we have reached some truly special milestones. In the ‘90s we built the world’s first internet bank that later paved the way for innovations such as Swish and Siirto, that are currently transforming the payment industry. Last year we were proud to introduce an AI experiment with the city of Espoo. By combining a huge amount of social and healthcare data, we are ableto identify new proactive means of targeting services to, for example, prevent social exclusion. I could give countless  examples of how we have improved everyday life, making it easier, smoother and more efficient.

Our passion – and mission – in today’s data-centric world is to seek opportunities, and grasp them to shape people’s lives for the better. We are already on a promising path, for example, in deploying AI for preventive healthcare. 

To find out more about how we have shaped the Nordic society, please go and check out the Tieto 50 timeline. 


Whilst we are constantly investing in new technology and developing our services, the key to success lies in the curiosity and passion of seeing opportunities and building something meaningful out of them. 

I want to wish Tieto – and the whole global Tieto team – a very happy birthday. 50 years in business, and we are doing stronger than ever – this is an achievement to be proud of, and inspired by.

I want to send out a huge thank you to all our employees and customers, partners, investors and all other stakeholders, who are on this journey with us. I’m looking forward to the many shared successes in the horizon – and those beyond! 


Tieto turned 50 years in May 10, 2018. The celebrations cover all Tieto locations and continue throughout the year in the format of birthday sessions led by Tieto leadership, as well as strengthened corporate social responsibility activities and a Nordic volunteer program combatting digital inequality in the society. To see highlights of our history and visions for future, check out Tieto’s interactive timeline.

Tieto Live – #tieto50 special edition was broadcasted on May 25th, 10:30 – 11:30 EET. Watch the recording here and hear thoughts from Kimmo Alkio, CEO of Tieto, Matti Lehti, CEO of Tieto, 1989–2008 and Ishtar Touailat, head of Innovation & Incubation Sweden.

Tietoevry at your service

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