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Tietoevry Payment Solutions available as SaaS

Reimagine your business by taking an advantage of the newest developments in software and technology. Stay relevant in today’s ever changing business requirements via SaaS.

Software-as-a-Service platform

Tieotevry’s modern SaaS platform can help banks and other financial institutions to innovate and scale at a greater pace by adding new services to existing payment systems or entire new capabilities. Time to market is much faster via rapid prototyping and deployment to meet customer demands. Our payment SaaS platforms allow you to keep up with the latest market trends, payment standards, data security standards while providing greater ability to control and reduce costs. Our offer enables banks to focus on providing end customer value while Tietoevry takes care of the rest.

SaaS adoption allows banks and other financial institutions to move costly, manual processes to the cloud, improving operational efficiency and providing a better user experience.
David Park

Chief Technology Officer for Payments

Reinventing payment solutions for good

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What we offer

Tietoevry SaaS is a comprehensive offer combining our modern Software platforms on the latest infrastructure and needed middleware together with a complete operations, support & maintenance service. With it a bank can take advantage of the latest software capabilities while leaving the deployment and operations in the capable hands of Tietoevry.

Tietoevry SaaS offering delivers a unique value to the payments industry, such as, compliance by design, both on infrastructure level and payments rulebook requirements, best industry practices in SaaS and SLA delivery, automation and simplification of payments infrastructure, and volume migration flexibility via a solid migration plan.

What can we offer as SaaS?

Virtual account management

An advanced virtual accounts system for a bank’s corporate customers with liquidity management, receivables and payables. Enables customer self-service of accounts shadowing corporate structure. Multi-bank, multi-country and multi-currency.

Card Suite

Modern card management system with issuing and acquiring. High performance scalable platform with modern security.

Payment Hub

A modern ISO payment hub with latest capabilities and instant payments Configurable payment flows with a high degree of automation and multi-bank capability for shared service centres and banking groups.

Open Banking

Full PSD2 compliancy. APIs for both account information and payment initiation service providers. Premium APIs to create multi-banking solutions to support increasing business volumes and implementation of new commercial models.

Single tenant Vs multi-tenancy setup

Traditionally, processing centres run 3rd party software that creates significant cost base for the processor. Constant push for cost optimization forces the processor to use multitenancy setup as part of standardized product offering. Such a setup is often not best suited for larger banks who need tighter integration and greater security. Tietoevry is the develops the underlying software and can offer single tenant dedicated instance SaaS solutions for our customers.


Single tenancy gives control over the entire solution, data residency, dedicated teams, and processes. It guarantees zero impact from other customers that would be served by the same software solution in multi-tenant setup. Noisy neighbours can impact not only solution performance but also potential functional issues and limitations. Of course if you want a multi-tenant solution this is also part of the offer.

Key features

Modern software

Infrastructure and operations included

Single and Multi-tenant offers

A proven partner

Tietoevry is a partner who understands the financial business today and sees where it should be tomorrow. We actively innovate along with our customers and give them strategic guidance on the best possible ways on how to achieve their objectives.

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