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Tietoevry Banking Identity Suite

Fraud attempts, especially in the mobile channel, are at historic highs. Given this context, the best customer protection is through fully compliant, trusted and interoperable digital ID that minimizes user friction.

By offering customers comprehensive and flexible digital ID, banks can create secure, frictionless experiences across the entire journey, from onboarding through to payments, transfers and dispute resolution. Building up a trusted customer identity also makes higher-risk customer activities such as loan and insurance payouts safer, faster and easier.

Tietoevry Banking offers a full range of digital ID solutions, from identity proofing through to authentication, electronic and cloud signatures and more. As one of Europe’s leading outsourced financial software providers, we have more than 25 years’ experience in digital ID excellence for over 130 client organizations in 11 countries. Our trusted, market-leading ID solutions can be run in parallel with our fraud prevention and KYC/Onboarding systems, or delivered as stand-alone services.

Kayser Hasanjan

Sales Manager


Fast biometric authentication

Our digital ID solutions use biometric factors to give users faster, more secure authentications – and lower costs for our clients

Passport scanning

Our software supports any standard, including passport chips or machine-readable codes plus smartphone cameras to scan printed details

Actual presence detection

Add extra security to your authentication process with our liveness detection techniques that confirm actual user presence.

“Always on” solutions for all

Our digital ID solutions are not just always available 24/7/365 – they’re available to all users, all the time.

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