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The first ever internal Financial Crime Prevention Day was successful

Bringing Professionals Closer - Creating a Stronger Future!

Rina-Maria Ingemannsen / May 07, 2024

The goal was to more closely integrate the various areas under the Financial Crime Prevention umbrella. A day filled with professional content by our internal experts combined with activities to connect people culminated with Boogie Nights and a desire for repetition.

FCP Day took place on April 16. The host and one of the driving forces of the day, Innovation Director John Erik Setsaas, has processed his impressions. His conclusion is clear:

"Lots of energy and positivity. People worked together and had fun along the way. This was a success," he summarizes.

The aim of FCP Day was to kickstart the effort to create a more unified entity. Financial Crime Prevention unit in Tietoevry Banking, has been silo-based where everyone had their affiliation in either Identity, Fraud, or AML. The message from both Gunnar Koren, Head of Financial Crime Prevention and Tietoevry Banking CEO, Klaus Andersen, was that we need to work towards a more integrated FCP.

After the introduction, the Head of Product, Nina Nordby, spoke about innovation and our work methods. Alongside a strong five-person team, the Head of Engineering, Øystein Namtvedt, provided a status overview of all product development, including the use of AI.

"These presentations were of a high standard. We are dispersed and a bit silo based. I think it was useful for everyone to gain an overarching insight," Setsaas says.

The professional session concluded with a panel discussion, where the person responsible for each area, including the Defence Centre, had a casual and open discussion about their activities. The panel included Line Borgsø, Fraud; Eirik Norstrøm, AML; Karstein Eikås, Identity; and André Moen Eide, Defence Centre.

"All of this was aimed at providing an understanding across the different professional areas, and trying to bind us closer together," says Setsaas.

We came closer together

After lunch, there were activities that focused more on connecting the people. Participants were divided into groups where they sat with "strangers". One task was to create an FCP elevator pitch, another was to create an FCP artwork.

"There was plenty of energy and hard teamwork. At the end, the 12 different pitches were presented from the stage. There was a lot of great content. The artwork task also saw a great deal of creativity. The very best contributions were awarded in the evening," says Setsaas.

The second part of the "bonding session" took an unexpected turn. Many might have been looking forward to another presentation from John Erik Setsaas, but he was quickly interrupted by "Jordan Belfort" from The Wolf of Wall Street – in a Deep Fake form – who told the FCP audience that he did not appreciate them, that a virus had been planted, and gave tasks that needed to be solved.

"The groups were mixed again, and they were given tasks to work on. Some of these were difficult, and there were some who struggled a bit. But the feedback was that this was really cool, especially for the purpose of bringing the team closer together."

Tempting to do again

A gathering day without a proper ending is not complete. Setsaas reports that the evening event, led by Henrik Tvinnereim and Mette-Lise Engø, was top-notch.

"They were incredibly good. Henrik’s Corner featured music segments and roasting of leaders that really struck a chord and created an atmosphere. And the evening continued with a band that suited me very well. Boogie Nights played music from the 70s and 80s – when the best music was made.

"The whole event was great, from morning to evening. At least that's what everyone I spoke to thought. And the feedback was clear: We have to do this again," says Setsaas.

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From left: Mette-Lise Engø, Gunnar Koren, Gry Elnæs Moe, Henrik Tvinnereim.

John Erik Setsaas
Director of Innovation, Financial Crime Prevention

With over 25 years’ experience in digital identity, John Erik Setsaas is a pioneer in this space. He has deep knowledge in the areas of digital onboarding, authentication, electronic signatures and seals, time stamping and digital identity wallet.

He is a prolific speaker at fintech industry events around the world.

Rina-Maria Ingemannsen
Marketing Project Manager


Rina-Maria Ingemannsen

Marketing Project Manager

John Erik Setsaas

Director of Innovation, Financial Crime Prevention

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